Workout Wednesday

Welcome back for another installment of Workout Wednesday!
workout wednesday - alsoranagain

Every time I see the above graphic, I start hearing Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical” in my head.

My goal for this week was to get back on track with running and working out so that I was exercising consistently. As you may recall, last week I bagged out on a few runs and workouts because of fatigue caused by my temporarily over-active social life.

Did I meet my goal? Let’s see!

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Weekend Update

Oh boy, what a weekend!

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s installment of Weekend Update, my contribution to Tara‘s Weekend Update Link-Up.
IMG_5781Please check out her blog, Running ‘n’ Reading, to see what she’s been up to. And, if you’re a blogger, please consider linking up!

This weekend had the perfect blend of being busy and having downtime. I had time to cook:

alsoranagain crunchwrap supreme

YES! Come to mama!

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5 Race Day Don’ts

TGIF, party people!

I’m linking up with the DC Trifecta’s  Friday 5 Link-Up. Please check out the Trifecta’s individual blogs: Courtney at Eat, Pray, Run DCMar at Mar on the Run, and Cynthia at You Signed up for What?! And If you’re a blogger, please consider linking up.

Today’s theme is “5 things about race day,” so I’ve decided to focus on 5 race-day taboos, things no runner should do on race day when running 5K or longer distances.

IMG_99755.  Don’t start in the wrong area.

If the race you’re running has corrals, start in the corral that matches a pace you can probably sustain for the length of the race. So, for example, if you’re confident you can run 9-minute miles for roughly 13 miles, by all means start in the half-marathon corral for people who intend to finish in 2 hours. But you shouldn’t line up with the corral for those running the half-marathon at 1:40 or faster. Continue reading

Workout Wednesday

workout wednesday - alsoranagainI have a confession: I didn’t do as much this past week as I had hoped. Yes, I’m still taking it relatively easy, but I need to build my foundation so that I can start training for the Chicago Marathon in late May. My plan was to be running over 20 miles per week by the time training starts.

Can I do it? Let’s see how the numbers look right now:

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What’s New?

It’s Tuesday. Sigh.  I missed the Weekend Update, which is disappointing. I don’t want to call myself a “failure,” but let’s just say I was primed and ready on Sunday to write the best Weekend Update post ever. And then I became too busy and it didn’t happen.


So I missed the boat on Monday but I still want to catch you up in the latest random happenings in my-so-called life. Here goes!

My son and I were out toodling around town recently and we spotted this feat of engineering:


The Planter’s Peanuts Nutmobile! I’d never heard of it, but apparently it’s a thing–like the Oscar Mayer weinermobile except with fewer animal byproducts. (Please ignore my son’s best attempt to look like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.” He’s really a nice kid. Really.)

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5 Must-Read Blogs

Happy Friday! Are you doing your happy dance? I am. One good thing about being too busy is that workweeks fly by quickly. I have some fun stuff on deck this weekend (lots of time with the kids, a trip up to Seattle) and I’m ready for the clock to strike 5:00 p.m.

Should you find yourself with some spare time this weekend to do some online reading that’s not running related, here’s my list of 5 Must-Read Blogs:

1.  Brian Moylan’s Real Housewives recaps on Vulture

I used to love reading Brian Moylan’s Real Housewives episode recaps when he wrote for Gawker, but then he left a few years ago and started writing for another publication that I didn’t follow. Continue reading

Workout Wednesday

workout wednesday - alsoranagainI seriously cannot believe how long it’s been since I published a Workout Wednesday post. Was it mid-December?  At any rate, it was long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, when I was still able to run half-marathons for which I was under-trained.

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Weekend Update: Birthdays, Shopping, & a Lilly Pulitzer for Target Giveaway

Happy Monday! IMG_5781How was your weekend? Mine went by in a blur, but it was fun. In keeping with the somewhat frenetic pace of this past weekend, today’s contribution to the Weekend Update Link-Up, hosted by Tara, will be long on photos and short on words. Enjoy! (Oh–and please visit Tara over at Running ‘n’ Reading and, if you have a blog, consider linking up.) IMG_9414 Saturday started with a walk and yoga with Aimee. Such a beautiful morning in the Pacific Northwest! Continue reading