Nuun Giveaway Winner

Hi, guys!

Sorry that I’ve been MIA the last several days. I came down with a nasty bug and was so stuffed up and hopped up on cold and flu meds that I couldn’t fathom writing an intelligible post. I’m feeling much better now, thankfully.

Because I was sick, I failed to announce the Nuun giveaway winner on Monday as promised.  Sorry and thank you for your patience. Continue reading

How to Register for the 2015 Chicago Marathon

I’ve been stalking the Chicago Marathon website like a creeper for the past several weeks, anxiously waiting for an announcement about when the registration period opens. Until today, the Chicago Marathon registration page vaguely said registration would open some time in March and that the actual dates and times of the registration period would be announced in February. 

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Weekend Update

It’s Monday morning and it doesn’t feel like a Monday for the second week in a row. Hooray! I’m off work today and blogging from Ketchum, Idaho, home of the legendary Sun Valley Resort, where I’ve been staying this weekend.


Even though I’m taking a little R&R, I didn’t want to miss out on Tara’s Weekend Update. Please be sure to check out her blog, Running ‘n’ Reading and consider linking up, too!

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5 Races to Run in 2015

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve joined the Friday 5 Link-Up hosted by Courtney from Eat, Pray, Run DC, Mar from Mar on the Run, and Cynthia from You Signed up for What?!. I’m a little embarrassed for not joining in a month (a month!), but I’m back and I’m really excited about this week’s theme!

Yes, that's a mustache. No, it's not real.

Yes, that’s a mustache. No, it’s not real.

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Weekend Update

I don’t know about you, but my favorite Mondays are holidays. Hooray! The office is closed and I’m staying home today with my kids, D and S. Truth be told, I’m still in bed (slacker). I lurrrve federal holidays!

Once again I’m back for another installment of Weekend Update, Tara’s link-up. Please go check out her blog, Running ‘n’ Reading and consider linking up, too!

And, once again, this is another Weekend Update that doesn’t include any running. I went to a chiropractic appointment on Friday evening and asked my chiropractor when she thought I’ll be able to return to running. Her answer? At least 2 weeks. Well, okay. The longest breaks I’ve taken up to now have been about 2 weeks, and I must not have healed fully during those because the cycle of injury continued. I can live with 2 weeks or a little longer if it means I won’t get hurt again. Continue reading

Valentine’s, Schmalentine’s – Let’s Have Galentine’s Day

Well, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, folks. Are you ready?  I bought Valentines for my husband and kids, and the boxes of chocolates are stowed away and ready to be gifted tomorrow. I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day’s focus on romantic, heavy-breathing-type love, so we celebrate it more as a family thing.

I do love the development of Galentine’s Day, though. Have you heard about it? It apparently originated from “Parks and Recreation” (which I don’t watch–but please don’t tell my pal Amy Poehler), and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls promotes it as a day for females to celebrate their friends.

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Weekend Update

Happy Monday, y’all!

I’m back for another installment of Weekend Update, fabulous Tara’s link-up. Please go check out her blog, Running ‘n’ Reading, to read about the races she’s been running and the books she’s been reading.

This update will be short for 2 reasons:
1.  Last weekend’s update was of biblical proportions; and,
2.  I didn’t do that much interesting stuff last weekend. Continue reading

Would You Rather…

Well, I went for a run this morning after not having run since last Saturday. I left out of my Weekend Update the fact that I started developing my old friend, Hip Flexor Pain, around Mile 3 of my run in California. After that run, I decided it would be wise to take several days off. My run today was fine until around Mile 2, when that same soreness returned and made it seem like a huge effort just to lift my left leg. Not good. Continue reading