Is there anybody out there?


helloWow.  This isn’t my first time blogging, but it feels like it. I feel super awkward–kind of like a teenager on her first date.

So, why am I blogging? I had a baby blog when my daughter was born about nine years ago, but that fizzled out pretty quickly. I became too busy with mothering duties once we hit the toddling stage.  Truthfully, it was too difficult to work at the computer with her crawling all over me like a litter of kittens.

Years passed. I went back to work, Daughter got older, I got knocked up again, I had Son, and I went back to work full stop. I became super busy–too busy. I had lost weight after the babies but the pounds kind of crept back on, slowly and insidiously. Eating whatever you want (cheese! fries! chips! don’t ever stop!) and enjoying wine and craft cocktails, while failing to exercise, will do that to a person.  I started to feel crummy about myself and studiously avoided wearing swimsuits unless I was in a foreign country. True story.

Not running; imbibing.

Not running; imbibing.

Anyway, cut to the summer of 2010. My dear friend Brynn suggested I start running with her. I started out slow and short, and I wore running shoes that were probably four years old at that time. Nice!  Anyway, Brynn was great. She made running fun for the first time in my life. She was fun to talk to and the miles passed by relatively quickly and painlessly. Brynn also clued me in to the concept of cute running clothes, which also helped my motivation. She introduced me to the cult that is lululemon.

So Brynn and I decide to run a half marathon together. She had run at least a couple before, but this was going to be my first: the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon in May 2011.  I trained by using a modified tear-out from Runner’s World and I ran a 1:49:something, shocking myself to bits.

I was vaguely hoping for a finish around 2:00, but I destroyed that soft goal. And in so doing, I became transformed. Like an out-of-shape phoenix rising from the ashes of some baggy generic yoga pants, I became a runner. I really liked running!

And I still do.

2013-05-05 Tacoma Marathon 159

Since May 2011, I have run several half marathons and three marathons.  I’m not fast, by any means.  I haven’t qualified for Boston, but it’s a goal.  Most of my friends and family think I’m crazy, but I love running, and I can’t imagine my life without it. Hell–it’s better than drinking!  (Usually.)

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