I Have a Widget! (And Other Goals.)


Ah, 2014.  A new year. Another trip around the sun. Another opportunity to make resolutions and break them.

I’ve made a goal (not a resolution–I don’t like New Year’s resolutions) to track all of my miles in 2014. I would like to run in excess of 1,000 miles, which shouldn’t be difficult considering I plan to train for two full marathons this year.  I’m pretty sure I have run in excess of 1,000 miles annually in years past, but I never tracked them. This year, I’m using the Daily Mile widget to keep myself in gear. 1,000+ or bust!

Other goals:

Finally do speed work.

Photo: freedigitalphoto.net

Photo: freedigitalphoto.net

Speed work scares me. I’ve never really done it and my meager attempts at mimicking it have led to me feeling like I’m going to throw up after running only one lap or pulling a muscle. I need to do it if I’m going to get faster, though.  I’m working with my coach on this one, for the sake of my stomach and hamstrings.



Photo: freedigitalphoto.net

I need to cross-train like crazy. I’m pretty well convinced my lack of cross-training (and with that I also include strength-training) contributed a great deal to my injuries in 2013. This year, I want to do something on the side–not like I’m cheating on my running, but improving it with cycling or boot camp or Pilates. I’m still deciding and may contact a personal trainer for advice, especially since my left finger/hand is still injured and can’t really bear weight. Image above aside, I do not plan on doing Jazzercise as my cross-training.

Eat less meat.

2013-11-04 10.59.08

Good bye, cheeseburger!

I think it was the great salmonella and E-coli chicken breast scares of 2013 that did me in, here, but I am really going to try to eat less meat this year. Ideally I’d like to eat most meals vegetarian and eat only wild seafood and USDA Organic meat.  Since I can’t really afford to eat wild seafood and USDA Organic meat more than a few times a week, that means I’m going to consume less animal over all. This isn’t a philosophical decision, it’s purely health related.  I don’t really trust the way our meat is processed. Okay–I’m done complaining and on to the next goal, which is…

Qualify for Boston and/or New York.


This is my long shot goal, but I’m going to do my damndest. I am running the Newport Marathon on May 31. Newport has a flat, out-and-back course that produces pretty fast times.  I need a sub-3:45 to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Training starts late January!  If I don’t qualify at Newport, I’m going to try to qualify at Portland or Chicago.

Also, I would like to qualify for the New York City Marathon. To do so, I need to run a sub-1:37 half marathon. I think I’m going to shoot for this one in September at the Skagit Flats half.  To qualify for NYCM, I will need to shave about five minutes from my current half PR, which I think is certainly doable, seeing as how I haven’t ever really trained for a half marathon.

So those are my goals. I am looking forward to accomplishing them and all of the work it will take to do so!

What are your goals in 2014?

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