… And I’m Back!

Hello, friends! Sorry for the long delay in posting. I know what you were thinking: “Geez–lady starts a blog, thinks she’s a blogger, and then she drops off the face of the earth for over a week!” Well, kind of true, but I have a good excuse: I was on vacation in Mexico!  Cabo San Lucas, to be exact.

This was my view for the last week or so:

Pina Palm

Ahh… big sigh.

In between drinking a lot of frosty beverages and reading by the pool, I did squeeze in some exercise.


I ran almost every day in the hotel’s gym on the dreadmill, logging a whopping 16 miles in seven days.  I know, I know. I’m turning all Dean Karnazes on y’all. Oh–and I swam! (…Across the pool to get my drink.)

goodbye, paradise

But now I’m back in the land of gray skies and no frosty, tropical drinks in the middle of the day.  Boo.

The day after I returned home, I ran an easy 10+ miler with my running partner. It felt great to run outside again, even if it was cloudy, damp, and windy.  The miles flew by even though the last half of our run was almost entirely uphill and into a headwind. We had a lot of chatting to catch up on!

After our run, I went to the local YMCA and signed up.  My motivation to cross-train is pretty low, so I need to take classes. The Y offers a ton of classes (spin! boot camp! TRX!) and has more flexible scheduling than the boutique workout places around town. Plus, with the relatively low monthly fee ($56 for an individual) and no joining fee for the month of January, it’s a steal compared to what I’m used to paying to workout ($185/month at a boot camp gym).

I went to my first class on Monday night. I was planning to go to a spin class early Monday morning but it started soooo early (5:15 a.m.) and I just wasn’t feeling it that morning, my first morning back at work post-vaca.  Instead, I went to the Y after work, fully preparing to go to another spin class. I arrived too late for the instructor to adjust my bike for me (which–I understand–is key when it comes to taking your first spin class).  Everyone was already huffing and puffing on their bikes when I peeked in the door–and class hadn’t even started yet! Yikes. Not sure I even want to do it now. Am I the only one intimidated by spin classes?

Somewhat defeated (and intimidated), I moseyed on down to the gym to see if my backup plan–boot camp–had started yet. It hadn’t, so I decided to do that class instead. As luck would have it, my brother-in-law was there. I harassed him and basically told him he needed to hang out with me during my first Y class in years (I used to be a member a long time ago, but hadn’t taken a class there since step aerobics–ha!–in probably 1999 or 2000). John was a sweetheart and took me under his little wing and let me join him, which helped the next 60 minutes of sheer torture pass by as well as it could.

I kid. The class, while difficult, was no where near as tough as the classes at my old boot camp gym (Elev8 Fitness–RIP). I wasn’t grunting or having muscle failure or anything like that. However I did feel like throwing up a little bit when we were running lines and I thought my sternum was going to pop out of my chest when we were doing butterfly curls. In other words, I could definitely tell that I spend too much time running and not enough time working on my general fitness and strength.

I wasn’t sore the following day, which was a little surprising, but I’m plenty sore today. I can feel muscles in my torso that I haven’t felt in a while, and that’s good.

I’m not so sore, however, that I can’t run. I did a treadmill speed workout this morning that I read about in Runner’s World:

  • Adjust treadmill to 1% incline.
  • Run the first 10 minutes at warm-up pace.
  • Run 3 minutes at .5 mph faster pace than warm-up pace.
  • Run 2 minutes at warm-up pace.
  • Run 3 minutes at a pace 1.0 mph faster than warm-up pace.
  • Run 2 minutes at warm-up pace.
  • Repeat 1 or 2 times.
  • Cool down for 5 minutes.

It definitely kept me from being bored, but I don’t think I chose a fast enough (for me) “warm-up” pace. I didn’t feel overly taxed when I ran the fastest portion of the workout. My pace during the fastest part of the workout didn’t even meet my half-marathon pace (7:49), and I feel like if that workout is supposed to help me get faster, I should be pushing it a bit more than that.  Next time I’ll run a faster pace to start.

So what’s on deck? Trying to get back into a regular running routine to build my base for marathon training, which starts at the end of this month. Also, I want to cross-train two to three times per week. For now that should be fine, but that may be too ambitious once training starts again. We’ll see. I’ve wrangled a friend of mine to meet me at boot camp tomorrow night. Let’s just hope I don’t puke.

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