SeaWheeze 2014 : SOLD OUT!

Wow! That was fast.

Registration for the Lululemon 2014 SeaWheeze half-marathon opened at 10:00 a.m. PST today. I hopped on to the registration page right at 10:00 a.m. on both my desktop and iPad (so I could register my husband, too) and I was promptly shuttled into the “waiting room.”

waiting room

Extremely nervous finger tapping ensued. I did feel more secure knowing that SeaWheeze had partnered with an outside company, Eventbrite, to ensure the registration would proceed more smoothly this go-round.

Fortunately, I had to wait for only about ten minutes in this internet purgatory to get accepted onto the registration page, where I had 10 minutes to register. I was able to register myself before my waiting room time ended on my iPad, when I was able to register my husband.


Yessssssss! My SeaWheeze three-peat is all set!

My friends who tried to register this morning were also successful, so phew–what a relief.

Amazingly, the 8,000-something registrations spots remaining (after the first registration effort debacle) filled up in about an hour today.

Capture 2

This is incredible considering the inaugural SeaWheeze took months to sell out in 2011 and the race took about a week to sell out in 2012. I thought it would take about a day this year–not a matter of minutes or hours!

Judging by how the interest in this race has grown exponentially over the last few years, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lululemon turns to a lottery for SeaWheeze 2015.

Now that the registration is out of the way, the battle for lodging begins. My best friend reserved her hotel over the weekend and advised me many of the SeaWheeze travel partner hotels are already sold out. Yikes!

Are you SeaWheezing in 2014?



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