I Survived Spin Class

I did it! I finally went to a spin class, after joining the YMCA a few weeks ago under the auspices of wanting to cross-training, including taking spin classes.

I know I can’t be alone in my spin class phobia, right? The dim lighting, the loud music, a bunch of people hunched over and zoned out, the yelling instructor–that’s a lot to contend with. And don’t get me started on adjusting the bikes! Basically, I am clueless when it comes to spin. Not as bad as this guy on answers.yahoo.com, but still:


Fortunately, my extremely fit and knowledgeable running partner and friend, A, met me before the class last night and had secured a bike for me.  She helped me adjust it to fit me, which was a good thing because she had me tinkering with levers that I wouldn’t have even noticed. I think there were about five different doohickeys that I had to adjust. At any rate, with A’s help, the bike fit me as well as it was going to by the time class started promptly on time.

The spin instructor happened to be the same personal trainer who had worked with my husband last year, so I felt somewhat reassured that she wouldn’t injure me (I think she has a physical therapy background).   The class started out slow and easy, “cruising speed,” and then she made us crank it up to about 4 different levels from there.  Above “cruising speed” was “light headwind,” then “a little hill,” then “a little hill with headwind,” then “a big hill,” then “Oh Heavenly Father I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am cycling toward it!!!!!!!” During the highest level, I really did feel like I might throw up or fall off the bike.  Fortunately we didn’t stay at that level for very long.

We did, however, vary between intervals of “cruising” and the “big hill” quite a bit, when I was expected to “keep those knees up,” “spin big circles,” “keep my watts at 10/15/20 more,” “keep [my] butt back by the seat,” and not wobble back and forth on my seat. Whew! So much to remember! Thank God I didn’t get distracted and fall off the bike.

It was a tough class but not as terrible as I had expected. It was very different from running because it was actually a workout.  My heart rate got much higher during portions of that hour-long class than it has with any run or race.  The instructor kept telling us during the really painful, shitty parts of the class that we were “boosting our fitness,” which was supposed to help us feel better about how painful and shitty the portions were, I guess? It didn’t help, but it did highlight for me that I do not work out enough–running or otherwise–and I need to.

I guess this means I really need to follow my coach’s advice and training plan for me, which includes weekly speed workouts.  Sigh.

pain face

The aftermath today is that my butt is really, really sore. It was especially sore when I was lying on the floor doing my ab challenge routine this morning. Now I understand why practically everyone in the spin class was wearing bike shorts. If I decide to make this a regular thing, I will get some bike shorts.

spin class

I wouldn’t want this to happen.

Other notable things today:

Some fun things came in the mail! I don’t know about you, but I get really excited when I receive “fun mail.” Included in the “fun mail” category is basically anything that’s not a bill or junk mail.

Today I received the new Runner’s World.

march 2014 RW

I’m definitely going to check out the Power Workouts article and the bit about spring cleaning my diet.

I also received the 2013 ING New York City Marathon Results Magazine.

NYCM Mag cover

NYCM mag

It’s been 3 months and a day since I ran the NYCM.




I’m surprised that New York Road Runners put out a results magazine, but I’ll take it! It’s a cool memento for what was an amazing race. I do feel bad that I still haven’t finished and published my NYCM race recap, and that NYRR managed to put out a glossy publication in less time that it takes for me to complete a blog post, but whatever. I’m working on it!

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