Tuesday Randomness

It’s been an interesting several days around here, which lends itself to some random postings. Happy Tuesday!

My home team, the beloved Seattle Seahawks, won the Super Bowl! Everyone around here is the 12th Man, including the local nursery.

I know, right? I don’t think I’ve ever logged a run that short on my Garmin. Those 2+ miles were hard won, though, my friends. That was my first (test) run in a week after my shin-splint-induced hiatus. It felt good getting back out there! I have new orthotics, and they seem to be helping correct my over-pronating, which was causing my splints.

Spotted on a run: the dragon boat team out for a row on Chinese New Year.

A fun Costco find: Zapp’s Voodoo chips! It’s very unusual to find Zapp’s products up here in Washington. It must be a special Mardi Grad tie-in (even though Lent is quite a ways away still).

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