Another Low Mileage Week

It is cold as the ninth circle of Hell outside and I am not running. I was supposed to do a hill workout yesterday morning but couldn’t manage to do it in the 18 degree weather (sorry, Coach).

I haven’t run since Sunday, when I ran about 8.5 miles, and after tomorrow (a planned 5 miles), I will have run only 13.5 miles this week. Another extremely low mileage week for me. However, I did spin on Monday and I’m going to boot camp tonight, so there’s that. And I had a sports massage on Tuesday, which is kind of like exercise… no?

ballet 1I have been trying to eat better this week, focusing on eating more fruit, vegetables and protein. It worked well until last night after my daughter’s ballet observation. As a reward for her hard work in ballet, she requested we go to the local greasy burger joint for dinner.

My cheeseburger tasted awfully good, but it wasn’t healthy. Something tells me my daughter’s ballet teacher doesn’t eat cheeseburgers very often…


So I saw this on today and I couldn’t resist sharing:


A man named Nathan Yau collected data from for several different cities and created gorgeous maps that show people’s running patterns (well, the patterns of those runners who use RunKeeper). The one for New York clearly shows a lot of data from people running the New York City Marathon.

Read and see more images here, or better yet, go read about it on Yau’s very own blog.

That’s all for now! Wish me luck tomorrow morning when my running partner and I brave temps in the teens. Hopefully I won’t look like this guy by the end of the run:

baby it's cold outside

Okay, now I’m going to have nightmares.


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