Frozen Friday

I woke up at 5:45 a.m. today to go running with A. I won’t lie–it was hard getting out of bed, and I even texted her (“Are we meeting?”) with a shred of hope she would text back that she thought it was too cold to run. Of course she didn’t text that back, and I was stuck with running. Thank God for running partners. Grrr.

My iPhone and NOAA said it was 18 degrees when I woke up, so I dressed really warmly:

bundled up

Basically I looked like a dude who was commercial fishing for halibut in Alaska in the dead of winter.

I’m glad I bundled up because it was seriously cold out there. Fortunately there wasn’t any wind, but we ran like there was a 5-10 mile per hour headwind (the cold, maybe?). Not surprisingly, we didn’t encounter the usual number of runners this morning. Wimps!

After a long 5+ miles, we finished the run. And this was the temperature:

weather 2feb14

Yikes! I don’t think I’ve ever run in weather that chilly!

As one typically does after entering a warm room after running hard outside, I felt pretty toasty when I entered my house. As I started stretching out, though, I caught a serious chill. I could not get warm! I sat next to the heat register and that didn’t help. I grabbed a blanket and put it over my legs and the heat register, and even the dome of hot air that created didn’t warm me up. Hot shower? Nope. I was seriously chilled for about 45 minutes.

Such is the hazard of running in cold, cold temps.

cold air

I want to move to Hawaii!

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