Weekend Update

Happy Monday! Seriously trying to trick myself into being cheerful today, since it’s

  1. Monday;
  2. Rainy;
  3. Cold; and,
  4. Did I mention it was Monday?

I had a great weekend, though, so shouldn’t that make it easier to transition to the work week? I think it makes it almost harder.

This weekend we went up skiing. I was very excited because one bonus of having cold temps down at sea level means any precipitation up in the mountains means snow. We went skiing on Saturday and there were about 4 inches of new. The snow was fantastic—light and fluffy, as close as we get to powder in Western Washington.

selfportrait skiing

The reason we had powder-like conditions, though, was that it was cold as all get-out.

wp sign

Frost, frost, everywhere!

It was about 8 degrees up at the mountain on Saturday, and with the wind I’m sure the chill was sub-zero. My daughter’s feet started freezing into our first run, and by the end of our second she was nearly in tears. She and I stopped in the mid-mountain lodge to warm up with a cocoa break and ended up staying a couple of hours. We then skied down to the lodge at the base of the mountain and called it a day.

Saturday night was fun and laid back, just a quiet night back at the cabin with our friends and their little girls, watching the Olympics team figure skating championship. This girl was incredible and I think they should just give her the gold medal right now:

julia lipnitskaya

If I tried to do that I’m pretty sure I would kill myself. More spins here, if you’re not too dizzy: http://www.thewire.com/culture/2014/02/how-julia-lipnitskaya-crushed-her-olympic-skating-competition-gifs/357902/

I stayed up too late on Saturday night after everyone else went to bed. The reason? This book:

Life after Life

It was a little slow at the beginning, and a little confusing in the Adobe EPub format, but after about 20 pages I was hooked. It tells the story of a young Englishwoman who lives her life over and over again. It’s quite well written, serious, darkly funny, and an interesting concept. I was concerned I would have difficulty getting into another novel right after reading The Invention of Wings (which I really enjoyed), but transitioning to Life After Life has been easy. I highly recommend it.

We decided not to ski on Sunday. I had originally planned to get home early so that I could run the 7 to 8 miles my coach had planned for me, but it had snowed at home. I already have enough trouble on dry sidewalks, so I didn’t want to run on snow-covered ones and end up like this unfortunate interview subject:

The “perfect” conditions for running, indeed.

So, instead of running, we lazed about the cabin and the kids played a bit in the snow. My son made a new friend:

snow buddy

After finally scraping together enough energy to take a shower (gotta love ski weekends), we drove back to town and straight to my nephew’s birthday party. I love going out of town and going straight to someone else’s house for dinner! Especially when that person is serving twice-baked potatoes and homemade chocolate cake. In-laws for the win!

Arrived at our own house kind of late and the kitteh was happy to see us.


As soon as my husband laid down in bed she used his legs as a headrest. I am not a cat person, but this cat is the shizzle. I want to clone her and I am not kidding.

All in all, a good weekend.

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