Hill Repeats and a New Watch

Today’s workout was pretty damn good compared to last week’s challenging and somewhat discouraging first stab at hill repeats. My running partner and I arranged to meet bright and squirrelly, per our norm, and the weather was almost perfect for running at this time of year.

We decided to run the repeats at my running partner’s favorite place to do hill work, a part of our neighborhood where there are a series of adjacent short, hilly, dead-end streets. Again the goal for me was to run up each hill at 10K pace, and to negative split each hill and the workout as a whole. I really focused on running faster at the top of the hill, and trying to get faster with each hill. I did better than last week about not starting out too quickly.

It was smart to do to repeats on the short hills. It was psychologically easier to tackle short hills rather than a portion of a long hill, which was what I did last week.

I felt tired but not exhausted after the hills and we decided to keep running at a conversational pace through the neighborhood. We ended up running about 5.7 miles.

Should I have pushed myself more on the hills? Probably. I’m not too worried, though. I have about 17 more weeks of training to go before the Newport Marathon, and there’s plenty of speed work to be done. This is just the foundation.

When I arrived at work later this morning, I had a wonderful treat waiting for me.

20140219-223439.jpg I have been struggling with my old Garmin Forerunner 110 for a few years now, and started reading about the new Forerunner 220 last August or September. It’s supposed to be faster at finding satellites, which was its main selling point for me, a.k.a. the crazy lady standing on the sidewalk for several minutes with her wrist over her head, trying in vain to locate a satellite with her crappy old running watch. Another selling point: ease in uploading data. My old Garmin had weird connectivity issues and it was difficult to upload my data to my computer, leading me to keep spotty records of my runs.

20140219-223622.jpgThe Forerunner 220 comes in white and purple (for the ladies) and red and black (for the dudes and ladies like me who think the white version will probably look grungy and tan after about 6 months). I went with red and black, not surprisingly.

I should be a hand model, no?
Even better is that I unwittingly ordered the version with the heart rate monitor (HRM).

My old Garmin didn’t have one of these, but a good friend of mine who’s had great success (i.e., she BQ’ed on her second marathon) trained with a HRM. Is that the secret to marathon success? We’ll see. It will be interesting, if nothing else, to watch my heart rate decrease as training progresses and my fitness increases.
I am so excited to take out my new watch for a run. Alas, I have to wait until Friday.
All in all, it was a good day. I even capped it with my favorite dessert:

20140219-231017.jpg The best!

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