Lazy Saturday

We were supposed to go skiing yesterday but it was raining cats and dogs. There are few recreational activities more miserable than skiing in the rain, so we decided to bag it and just hang out at the cabin. But what to do all day in the cabin?

I decided to French braid my hair. For, like, the first time in my life.
Not bad for the first time, although it’s lopsided.
20140308-213819.jpg…And it makes me look like a sister wife from the front.

I don’t think I’ll repeat this look again, unless I do it just to get some nice waves. Side note: what an arm workout!

So… what else to do on this rainy, everlasting day?

Well, I read a ton.  Right now I’m taking a break from heavy reading for book clubs (last read: So Long, See You Tomorrow by William Maxwell) and so I’m reading The Twelve by Justin Cronin.  It’s a sequel to The Passage, his best-seller from a few years ago.  They are thrillers/kind-of-horror-stories where humans do battle with vampires in a post-apocalyptic America.  The vampires created by the U.S. Government as a new form of weaponry.

Wow… as I type this, I realize how ridiculous that sounds.
20140308-213903.jpgAlmost as ridiculous as my little reading companion (perched there on the side table), Chainsaw Sculpture Bear.  

Fantastical as it is, though, The Twelve is fun, fast reading, and it’s a nice break for my brain.

So, after reading a while and lazing around the cabin long enough, we decided we needed to get out and go for a walk in the rain. We walked up the hill in our community and were surprised to find a loud, rushing river… which we had no idea existed until we went on our walk. Yes, we’re quite observant people.

It was really gorgeous.20140308-213924.jpg

We were actually outside of our community and had crossed  over into the National Forest.  Hence the sign.20140308-213955.jpgThe Gifford Pinchot National Forest, to be exact. I feel dumb for saying this, but I’ve lived pretty much my entire life in the Pacific Northwest and I don’t know if I correctly pronounce “Pinchot.”

This is known as Bigfoot country.  No Sasquatch sightings when we were out on our walk, though–just a lot of glorious, mossy trees.
It was a good day. It’s so nice to just take a break like this every so often to recharge.

4 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday

  1. Wow, I love your pictures (so beautiful) and I love your French braid!! You did a really great job!!! My sister used to French braid my hair growing up so I love the style!!

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