Throwback Thursday and an Upcoming Race

Hello! Happy Thursday!

For Throwback Thursday I’m going into the not-so-distant-past of archived photos for a (blurry–thanks, Instagram) pic of me and a buddy at the 2011 St. Paddy’s Day Run Tacoma.

mandb st paddys 2011

I ran the 5K in 2011 and had a blast. It was the first race I ran as an adult (seriously) and I had no frigging idea what I was doing. I ran big positive splits and wore a raincoat the whole time. I ended up getting an age group award (just barely!) but didn’t realize it and so I didn’t claim it.  Ha!

I ran the 5K again last year and had a great time again. Last year I had more experience and therefore left the raincoat at home.  I ran faster, probably because I wasn’t carrying around an extra piece of clothing.

This Saturday I’m running the 10K and I’m getting that tingly pre-race excitement I usually get the day before the race. Except I have to wait two days. It’s my first 10K, so maybe that’s why I’m unusually amped. The best part about running a new distance is that it’s always a PR.

Are you running a St. Patrick’s-themed race this year?

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