Things I’m Loving Right Now

Hello, blog readers! Happy Hump Day.

No workout this morning because my running partner is out of town and I lacked motivation to get up in the dark to do mile repeats.

I went to my town’s State of the City luncheon today, which was enlightening and fun. I ran into a couple of old friends and got to hobnob with some of the bigwigs that run this town.

Congressmen Derek Kilmer and Denny Heck were there, which was very cool. (Don’t be intimidated by how articulate I am. Ha.) I chatted with Rep. Heck’s Chief of Staff, who looked like a character straight out of the HBO show Veep.


(GIF from HBO’s Veep blog.  And that’s Dan from Veep–not the Chief of Staff I met in real life.)

He was–what–26 years old? Or he looked it. He’s very smart, capable, and professional, of course, but it kind of freaks me out that there are people running this country that I could have babysat back in the day.

So, on to things I’m loving today:

These cute and fun earrings from unpossible cuts:


They’re cut from Plexiglass, only $16.00, and come in all sorts of shapes and colors, such as hearts and lightning bolts. Some of their jewelry is cut from wood. The fake diamonds are my personal favorite because they’re tongue-in-cheek but not super obvious. I wear them with jeans and suits. So versatile.  See more at unpossible cuts’ Etsy store or the brick-and-mortar location where I purchased them, Compass Rose.

My Countdown+ home page:


Look at all those races coming up! The one you can’t see at the bottom is the reminder for the Portland Marathon. Yes–I bit the bullet and registered before the price increase, which occurred on St. Patrick’s Day. I do have an open spot for a race in July, though, and I need to get that filled.  Hmmm… what will it be?

Side note: Do you have the Countdown+ app?  I love it for keeping track of upcoming races.

This book cover that I randomly found when I Googled the terms “well-behaved women history”:


Apparently I’m feeling feisty these days. I love the cover so much that I may even read the book!

This top:

Capture vince

It’s the Vince Drape Hem Tank. I bought it in my favorite non-color, black, at Nordstrom. I consider it to be an investment piece (read: it’s expensive–to me, at least) but it is seriously the most flattering and comfortable shirt I have ever purchased. How often can one find a top that is both comfy and sexy? Never. Well, never say never, because this tank combines the two. I tuck in the front and leave the back loose. To quote Molly Shannon’s Joyologist,

Picture 4

What are you loving these days?

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