My Cat Ate My Headphones

I’ll admit it: I’m a cat braggart. I talk a lot about how amazing my cat, Maya, is. That she’s fluffy, chubby, soft, gentle, and dog-like. That she doesn’t have claws (she came that way as a rescue cat) and doesn’t damage our furniture or scratch our kids. That she “talks” to us. (Yes, I realize at this point that I’m verging into crazy-cat-lady territory.) That, in essence, Maya is the perfect kitteh to appease this non-cat-lover.


That is, until today.

My cat ate my favorite headphones–the Skullcandy earbuds I received as a finisher’s gift at the 2013 Lululemon SeaWheeze. The ones I wear on my solo runs. The ones I wear at races. The ones I wear when I’m obsessively watching HBOGo on my iPad in bed.

This is the grisly scene I woke up to this morning:




Stupidly, I fell asleep while watching HBOGo last night and left my headphones dangling off the edge of my nightstand.  Maya seized the opportunity to destroy a cord (this is a pattern for her–she loves mouse cords and charger cords) and she really went for it! Look at those exposed copper wires.

Damn you, Maya!  And damn me for being careless and leaving my favorite earbuds out for my cat to destroy.

I went online to find out how much it would cost to replace them and this is what I found:


I had no idea they were worth $50. First off, how amazing is it that Skullcandy gave away earbuds with this price tag for free to SeaWheeze finishers? But, more importantly, why did my cat have to eat my $50 headphones and not my $10 ones? And how can I justify spending $50 on a pair of headphones right now (when I just bought this top)?

Ugh.  Pity party at my house.  BYOB.  No cats invited.

Any advice for inexpensive earbuds that work for running and sound great?

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