Wednesday Workout and A New Phone!

Hi, folks!  Well, I’m happy to report I am staying motivated. The slacker in me is MIA and will hopefully stay missing until after I’ve finished the Newport Marathon.

This morning my coach had planned for me to run 5×1 mile repeats (8:20-8:15 pace) with one mile of warm-up. I woke up bright and squirrelly for the workout and was rewarded by great running weather: brisk (43 degrees) and dry, even though there was rain forecasted. Score!

My running partner and I ran our first mile nice and easy, catching up on the latest events that had transpired over the last couple of days when we last run-chatted, and then we stopped to stretch. I tried to do dynamic stretches and looked–I’m sure–like a total tool.

After doing my best Richard Simmons impression dynamic stretches, we set off on the first repeat. Ran a mile at about 8:20 pace (despite what the splits say below) and did a recovery jog for about 30-45 seconds before starting split 2.

140326 splits

The splits aren’t that accurate because they include our recovery pace and the time I spent stretching. I guess my new Garmin isn’t as smart as I thought. Or maybe I just need to learn how to use my watch for speed work.

Running at my goal race pace (around 8:20-8:30) wasn’t as difficult this week. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was the lack of semi-elderly-dog-running-companion today, or maybe it was because I’ve done a good job of convincing myself that I’m super motivated.

Just over 9 weeks until Newport! Woohoo!

And in non-running related news… I bought a new phone!  My iPhone 4S has been steadily breaking down over the last year. It started with not being able to email photos (grrr…) and then progressed to not being able to make phone calls even after two or three tries (double grrr…) and then to not being able to taking photos (triple grrr…). Recently, my phone would just completely crash at the weirdest times (nuclear grrr…). Today I finally decided it was time to brave the crowds at the Apple Store and upgrade my phone to the 5S.

I totally lucked out because I took a late lunch to go there, and there were fewer customers than usual. I was in and out in a flash.

And squeeeeee! It’s gold.
Photo Mar 26, 5 09 01 PM

And I love my new case:
Photo Mar 26, 5 09 07 PM

Okay, I’m done with the phone worship, but here’s hoping that my new phone is more reliable. The more reliable my phone, the better my blogging. For serious.

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