TGIF and Tacoma Runners

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend gets to start early today. Mine doesn’t, unfortunately. I have a full work day with two (2!!) court appearances. One down, one more to go, and then I’m free.

This morning I was able to “sleep in” until 6:00 a.m. to meet up with my running partner, A, for an easy 6 miler starting at 6:15. It was raining, pouring, and the old man was snoring. But seriously—I looked out the window and it was dark and rainy. Yuck. I try to stay positive about our weather situation here in the Pacific Northwest, but sometimes I reach my limit and can’t do it anymore.

I texted A at 6:09 a.m. (I’m the blue bubbles); my passive-aggressive way of trying to get out of a long run:

Lame-o text exchange

No response. And THAT, my friends, is one of the reasons to have a running partner! Accountability.

I left the house in my fluorescent yellow rain gear and met A down the street for our run. We took our standard mid-week kinda’ hilly route throughout our neighborhood. It was nice taking a break with our pace and being able to chat the whole time.

140328 overview

6 easy miles, done and done. The times and paces above are, again, inaccurate. Even though my Garmin 220 is supposed to sense when I’m stopped and pause keeping time, it doesn’t seem to be doing it consistently. Still, our pace was really easy, but that’s okay—we’re supposed to run 14 miles tomorrow morning. That is, A will definitely run 14 miles tomorrow morning, regardless of the weather. I will run if it’s not too rainy.

A running partner can motivate me only so much. This is tomorrow’s forecast:

Saturday March 29 weather

80% chance of rain and that wind looks gnarly. I’d say I have an 80% chance of passing and delaying my long run until Sunday or Monday, when the weather hopefully improves (I’m not working next week—wheeee!).

[Awkward segue…]

So I live in a great running town. We have this really active group called Tacoma Runners that organizes weekly, Thursday night, 3-mile “beer runs” that start and end at a bar (different bar every week).

Tacoma runners

I’m a member of their group on Facebook and have gone to a couple of the beer runs, although it’s been a couple of years since I attended one. Not surprisingly, these runs are very social events—people aren’t out there to set records, they’re there to have fun. Attendees are friendly and welcoming to newcomers. Every week, one of the runners is selected to wear the legendary pink tutu, which bestows some sort of honor. It’s a fun deal, and a fantastic way for newer runners to get involved in the running community and stay motivated with running.

Last year or so, Tacoma Runners decided to branch out to a weekly, Saturday morning 5K at Pt. Defiance Park, our city’s crown jewel. Every Saturday morning, runners convene to run a timed, free (!) 5K.  The Saturday 5Ks are open to all.  Not only is this a great deal, it’s a wonderful service for those training for races, or for those who simply want to get faster. I mean, it’s a race—which is essentially a fun speed workout! (And I honestly don’t think I’ve used the words “free” and “speed workout” in the same sentence before.)

Anyone in the Tacoma-Pierce County area who’s interested should sign up with Tacoma Runners on their website and consider supporting them, too.

I admire Tacoma Runners a great deal for what they’re doing for runners in our town, as well as for our city in general. I just wish I was able to attend more of their events. I’m going to try to attend one of their beer runs in the next month and will report back to you.

[Another awkward segue…]

And that’s all I have for this Friday… other than that I sure hope these rain clouds blow over and it starts warming up soon so I can wear my spring running gear. I am really tired of wearing rain jackets and crops. It’s time to break out my tanks and Oiselle Distance Shorts! (And speaking of Oiselle, how exciting is it that one of my run heroes, Kara Goucher, has joined Oiselle? It makes me love their brand even more.)

TGIF, y’all! Tonight I’m partying:


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