My Reward for a Rainy and Scary Long Run

Hello! Just a quick post to report I didn’t bag out on my running buddy this morning and that–despite sideways rain–I managed to meet her for our 14-mile long run. Woohoo! This motivation thing is pretty cool.

Our long run was very soggy and pretty windy but it went by really quickly. Part of that was due to our fascinating conversation topics, but I think the main thing was that we has some interesting wildlife run-ins. We ran through a skunk cloud (ewww) and we saw a young doe.

The most interesting part, though, was when A said to me, “Look at that raccoon,” as we were running down a fairly heavily traveled city street.

“Where?” I said casually, looking around.

“Right there–running towards us!”


Ummm… what?!?! I freaked out and saw it (and it was big) booking toward us on the sidewalk. I honestly thought it was coming after us to attack us like this poor woman. And so I screamed. But then it startled and ran in the opposite direction, and then up a tree. Thank God.

We managed to survive the rest of our long run without a scratch.

And our reward for completing the rainiest long run and our near-death encounter with a raccoon?

Why my favorite treats of all: soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung! Nomnom.

It was all so worth it!

7 thoughts on “My Reward for a Rainy and Scary Long Run

  1. Awe, fantastic!! I’m so happy you had a great run and I’m glad your raccoon friend ran away from you, not after you! 🙂 That’s great news in itself!! So happy it went by fast, too!! You deserved your yummy reward!!

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