Argh, Rest Days


This week is kind of a light week for me, in both my running and normal life. I avoided getting mauled by a raccoon successfully completed my 14-mile long run last Saturday, and I won’t have another long run (16 miles) until next Sunday.

Sunday was a scheduled rest day… ahhhh. Although I do feel a wee bit guilty resting and eating as much as I did on Sunday. Don’t scoff–when I say I ate a lot, I’m not exaggerating. My family, friends, and coworkers all know me as a “good eater.” I wear this title as a badge of honor.

On Monday I was back in business. I ran roughly 6 miles at a fairly easy pace. My coach had directed me to run my regular easy pace, which for me is around 9:30-10:00, depending on whether it’s hilly or not. I was especially energetic, though (I’ll can’t tell you why now, but I will later–and no, it’s not due to herbal supplements or something goofy like that) and I kicked it up a notch.

I ended up running faster than my usual easy pace, but it wasn’t a strain because I just felt good.

Today I am again riding the lazy train. It’s another rest day, the second of three (three!) this week. I have struggled a great deal with motivation over the last six months, but have felt rejuvenated the past week or so. I don’t want to lose this momentum and I’m worried all these rest days this week are going to make me revert.

Normally I would agree with this graphic (for example, the day following a 20-miler). But I know I need to trust my coach and my training and not push it. Rest days are an important–nay, necessary–part of marathon training.

Like high-waisted denim and the Cloud, I must learn to embrace rest days. Even when I’m supposed to have three in one week.


What do you do on your rest days?

5 thoughts on “Argh, Rest Days

  1. I know rest days can be hard!! Don’t worry, you’re doing great! On rest days (usually on Sundays), I love doing yoga, lifting weights at the gym…something that is active, yet too in your face intense!!

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