Things I’m Loving Right Now: Haiku Edition

A friend recently told me my blog posts are verrrrrry loooooong, so this will be a shorty; minimal words, mostly photos.

Perhaps I should post in haiku-format?20140409-155340.jpgI think I’m on to something!

I love a lot of things. Really–I’m a lover, not a fighter. Here are some things I’m loving right now:

Veep on HBO

This show is hilarious and, if you’re somehow not watching it, you should be. Veep is completely haiku-worthy:20140409-155246.jpg


20140409-153302.jpg Uber is brand new to Tacoma, which is huge for our mid-sized city. I went to the kickoff party last night and, naturally, took Uber transport there and home.20140409-160903.jpgThis was our Uber driver–isn’t she cute? (Sorry for the blurry photo–I think I had one too many signature cocktails at the party. It’s a good thing I had Uber to drive me home!)


These Pants:

20140409-153822.jpgShhh… don’t tell anyone, but I recently bought these Lululemon pants.  I know, I know–I didn’t want to. I haven’t been much of a fan of the brand lately. The company has some philosophical issues I don’t agree with and I don’t have a thigh gap.  But these pants are great for lounging and still look stylish. Let’s just make this our little secret, though, okay?



I know what you’re thinking: “WHAT?!? What is this, 2010?” I admit, I’m a social media late adopter. Blogging is what made me finally try–and understand–Twitter. And now I love to use it to share random thoughts with the universe when I’m too lazy to blog.  You should totally follow me.


This Candy Bar:


I have obsessed about Fran’s Chocolates salted caramels for several years now, but unfortunately can’t eat them very often because they’re cost-prohibitive at $12.99 for 6 pieces. Trader Joe’s to the rescue! This candy bar tastes almost like Fran’s salted caramels but costs only $2.99.  Now I can afford to eat chocolate with salted caramel every day!  “Uh oh,” says my waistline.


Essential Tremors by J. Roddy Walston & The Business

I recently heard this single, “Take It as It Comes,” on the radio, and decided to download the entire album from iTunes. It’s straightforward rock and roll with a rootsy edge–great for long runs. I enjoyed it on my 16-miler on Sunday.


And that’s what I’m lovin’ lately–in not so many words. I hope you enjoyed the haikus.

What are you loving right now?



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