Wednesday Philanthropy

Hello, faithful readers!

It’s Wednesday, halfway to Friday. My run this morning was as spirited and energetic as one would expect for a milquetoast day like Wednesday. I ran 6 miles at a 10:05/mile pace–slow for me. I don’t know if it was the fast(er) long run I ran on Sunday that’s still affecting me, or if my body’s tired from yesterday’s lunchtime TRX class. Either way, I was slow, slow, slow.

Maybe I should have watched this video before I went on my run:
I can’t help but break out into a cheesy smile when I watch it. I’ve already watched it twice and want to show it to my kids.

Apparently the students at Avon High School are using the video to raise funds for the Rile Hospital for Children. So not only are those high school kids creative and talented, they’re philanthropic, too.

Well done, Avon High School, well done.  [Slow clap.]

orson_wells_Slow-ClapGIF from here.

Speaking of fund-raising, today I went to the American Heart Association Go Red for Women luncheon, which raises funds to educate about and prevent heart disease in women.


Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women? And that more women than men die of heart disease? I didn’t.

photo (2)

I am proud to support this cause–and it was a fun event to boot!

And, my final pitch is for my good friend, Katy, who is running the Boston Marathon on Monday. She is a total stud, having qualified for Boston at only her second marathon.  Even though Katy qualified for Boston, she still decided to give back to the city by running with the Dream Big! Marathon Team, which raises funds to provide low-income girls with basic items necessary to participate in sports.


For example, last week alone Dream Big! provided softball equipment to the Dorchester Bears High School softball team, running shoes to Snowden High School Girls Track Team, a program scholarship for 30 O’Bryant Middle School Cheerleaders to a nation cheerleading competition, a program scholarship to send the Boston Showstopper basketball teams (composed of 100 student athletes) to college showcases this spring, sports attire and softball equipment to an individual girl in need so she could join her school’s softball team, and new sneakers to the Beantown Jumpers double-dutch team. Phew! I’m breathless.


Katy with one of her sons at his first race

Dream Big! is a great organization that helps girls participate in sports. And, as we all know, participation in sports and exercise does wonders for the soul.  Through Katy’s participation, I support Dream Big!, and I hope you will, too.

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