Goals for the Tacoma City Half Marathon

Only a few days until the Tacoma City Half Marathon!

(This GIF would be a lot cooler if “excited” was spelled properly.)

I am excited, but it’s a different kind of excitement for this race.  I am not running this race in my usual, haphazard, go-as-fast-as-I-can method of running half marathons. See Yukon Do It Marathon 2013 half, Eugene Marathon 2013 and 2012 half, Capital City Marathon 2012 half, etc. etc. and so on and so forth.

This Sunday’s half will be a training run for the Newport Marathon, which is now only four (holy crap!) weeks away.

newport countdown

Tick tock tick tock. Less than 30 days!

My coach has me running a two-mile warm-up and a two-mile cool-down on the day of the Tacoma City Half Marathon. Sandwiched in between will be the 13.1-mile race run as follows: the first 5 miles or so at 8:40-8:50/mile pace, and the remainder at goal marathon pace (somewhere between 8:20-8:30/mile).  I am not too concerned about keeping that pace; I just hope it feels relatively easy because then I’ll feel confident about being able to maintain that pace over 26.2 miles at Newport.

We’ll see.

2013-05-05 Tacoma Marathon 051

My husband is running the marathon relay with an all-male team this year, and I’m excited to cheer on the anchor at the finish line (after my two-mile cool-down, of course).  The past two years I organized a mixed team for the relay as a fundraiser and it was a blast. I’m kind of bummed I’m not running with a team this year.

Okay; I’m not that bummed. We still get to participate in the post-race team brunch.

collage brunch

Mmmm… brunch.

Are you running a race this weekend? Which one? Have you set any goals for the race?


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