On Your Mark, Get Set, Taper!


I’m tapering, which means I’m restless…and it’s only my second day of taper. The next few weeks are bound to crawl slowly by. I’m trying to keep myself busy and distracted, which isn’t hard to do when one (1) works full time, (2) has two school-age children, and (3) has a blog.

I felt fantastic yesterday after Sunday’s 20-miler—good energy, no soreness, and only a little tightness in my right hamstring. Of course there was a little voice in my brain wondering, “Is my 2013 injury coming back to haunt me? Will it affect Newport?” But the tightness was so minimal that the little voice of worry and doubt quickly hushed.

Last night I ran a few easy miles when I came home from work. The weather was drop-dead gorgeous—sunny and in the 70s—and I was able to break out a tank top for an outdoor run for the first time this year (Spring Break excluded, of course).  Woohoo!

After that quick jaunt around the neighborhood, I had a massage with Heidi at BeHive Massage Therapy, which was blissful as usual. 

20140513-215115.jpg(Yes, this is an old photo of me getting a massage at a race expo; I would never submit to a photo during a real massage therapy session.) Heidi is also running the Newport Marathon so I wonder what we talked about during the massage…

Today I returned to TRX class after taking a couple of weeks off and it was if I hadn’t done it before. It was so tough.  My arms were shaking when we did push-ups, and I had to modify some of the squatting exercises.  After class I couldn’t lift my arms up because I felt so weak, a replay of what happened a few weeks ago when I tried doing TRX after embarking on my green smoothie adventure.

I’m starting to see a connection between a green-smoothie-only breakfast and failing at lunchtime TRX.  I probably need to eat something before class. Duly noted, and I’ll try it the next time.

Unfortunately, my coach isn’t letting me return to TRX until after the Newport Marathon because I need to preserve my energy. I’ve started referring to her as General Kris. She’s right, though. (This Q & A from Runner’s World explains why it’s wise to cut back and gradually eliminate strength training during taper.)

So for now, as I can’t run as much or attend TRX, I’ll just have to keep myself busier with my family and job and blog so that I don’t bounce off the walls and worry about non-existent injuries.


How do you handle taper?

2 thoughts on “On Your Mark, Get Set, Taper!

  1. Haha, you’re so funny! Great post! I get a little antsy when I taper but I’ve been tapering most of my life (for swimming) so I’m kinda used to it by now. Growing up, I LOVED tapering because we backed off our swim mileage quite a bit, but now, it just makes me nervous! I try to work out at the gym some and think about my race.

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