My Week in Training: May 12-18

Hello there!

I’m here with just a quick recap about training during my first week of taper.  I want to at least write about running even if I’m not running as much.


Easy 2.7-miler after work at a 9:28/mile average pace. I don’t normally run in the evening but I wanted to do a little run to see how my legs felt after the 20-miler the previous day.  The mid-70s temperature was unusually warm for this time of year for us cool and mossy Pacific Northwesterners, but I didn’t notice the heat affecting my pace.

TRX class. 45 minutes of torture, with the exception of a couple quick laps around the track in between sets of strength-work. Could barely lift my arms in the hours after class, and my thighs were sore until Friday.


IMG_050145-minute tempo at goal marathon pace (8:30) with a 1 mile warm-up and short cool-down. I felt fantastic during this workout and kept up decent conversation with my running partner, A, while running between 8:22-8:29/mile pace the whole time. Yay! Felt really good about my chances at the Newport Marathon after this workout.

Rest day.  Ate extra healthy even though I was in Seattle for a seminar:

cafe yumm

 Cafe Yumm, a new favorite.  This was the Original Bowl, with brown rice, black beans, olives, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, chicken, cheese, plain Greek yogurt, and the glorious Yumm sauce.  Still kicking myself for not purchasing a bottle of that sauce to use at home.  [Full disclosure: I ate there for lunch on Friday, too. I am such a weirdo.]

Easy 4-miler with A and our fuzzy training partner, her dog. I felt kind of flat during this run, which is okay because we had the dog and he’s a little old and doesn’t run that fast.  Our  pace was a sloooow 10:20/mile average.

Horrible, frustrating rest day. The sun was shining–an unexpected surprise compared to the weather forecast–and I wanted to be out running. Not only to redeem myself after the previous day’s crappy run, but because I always run on Saturdays. Unfortunately, my husband had to work so I wasn’t able to. Instead of being a good girl and eating extra healthy like I had on Thursday, I was an uncontrollable food monster. All I could think about was eating, and how hungry I was… to the point that I actually texted my coach to ask her if that was normal during taper.  Apparently it is; I just have lucked out in the past and not experienced it. Well, there’s a first time for everything.


IMG_1587 “Long” slow distance run of 12 miles at an average pace of 9:25/mile.  Mother Nature was kind to me and the sun was out for this run, which I did solo.  I didn’t bring any water or Gu because I wanted to run “empty” to see how I did. I felt good and strong until the last half-mile, when I started to feel sick to my stomach, something I’ve never experienced when running–even on empty runs. Hopefully it was just a one-time thing.

So that was my week. This coming week–my second week of taper–I have about 1/3 fewer miles in store for me.

What was your best workout of the past week?  

4 thoughts on “My Week in Training: May 12-18

  1. Great taper workouts!! You are on track and ready to go (I can tell)! Fabulous!! My best workout last week was probably my 5×1 mile repeats at 10k pace! I have a 10k race Saturday, so very excited, but nervous! This is my first official 10k!

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