TGIF: Super Random Edition

Happy Friday, y’all!

I hope you had a pleasant and productive week. I’m in taper, so I had neither. Ha ha, just kidding…

judy grimes - just kiddingPeople like to call me out on my frequent non sequiturs, so that’s probably why I love these Friday random posts so much.

My “cheater cleanse” is still happening. No fried food and no booze–well, except for the vodka soda that a waitress gave me last night after telling me, “I promise it’s just soda!!!”  Maybe I should have known better since it was served in a short glass, but I took a sip and–blech!–spat it out (classy dame that I am).  My body is a temple (right now) and I didn’t want to taint it with that devil water (right now).

I have cheated a little bit with the sugar, though. I’ve enjoyed a bit of cake and some cookies and ice cream over the past five weeks. Really, though, nothing on the scale of what I ate before. No candy (and I’m looking at you, Swedish Fish).

I was recently able to pass up the most intense temptation in weeks:

krispy kreme torture

Yes, that’s right: I bought three dozen Krispy Kreme original glazed (be still my beating heart) doughnuts, my favorite, for my daughter’s class, and I managed to live with them for over 12 hours without eating a single one! Success!

But then today I had my consolation prize, a (non-fried–so not really a cheat) blueberry danish from the San Francisco Street Bakery in Olympia:


Nobody puts baby in a corner, though–these danishes shouldn’t be considered a consolation prize because they are incredible.

[Note: I’m considering renaming my blog PicturesITakeOfFoodInMyCar because that’s apparently one of my favorite things.]

Speaking of favorite things, here’s a medal that will probably fail to make anyone’s list of favorite race medals:

worlds ugliest medal

Isn’t it hideous?? Yikes. My eyes! My eyes!

I don’t know who took over design of the 2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Seattle Marathon, but geez. I myself have never seen a guitar-shaped spoon. And I’ve never seen a barista make a runner’s outline with foam on the top of a latte (is that even possible?).  I know what RnR was thinking: “Hey! Let’s make a medal that incorporates our rock and roll theme with a running theme and a Seattle theme!” Yes, people drink coffee in Seattle.  And, yes, Starbucks is based there, but really, RnR?

Past years’ medals were quite attractive, by the way.

rnr 2011

Not as attractive as those fries and Dick’s Deluxe, though–hubba hubba! (Again, food in a car. I think I might have a problem.)

Speaking of marathons, what’s the best spectator sign you’ve seen at a marathon? Other than the signs made by my kids, I’d have to say my favorite was one I saw at the 2012 Portland Marathon: “Imagine Morgan Freeman is narrating your marathon.” It’s still funny to me as I type this.

So, with that in mind, have you seen this clip with Morgan Freeman on helium?

morgan freeman helium

It’s well worth a watch.  Now I’m going to imagine at Newport that Morgan Freeman’s helium voice is narrating my marathon. That may be the little extra push that snags me a BQ.

Have a great holiday weekend!

5 thoughts on “TGIF: Super Random Edition

  1. Oh, stop it (hehe), you’re making me hungry!!! I love danishes!!! I love donuts!!!! Mmm, you sure know how to make a girl hungry!!! I love your randomness!!! So funny!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. LOL, you are too funny! You are so right about the medal, some rational thinking turned ugly, certain things just don’t mix, even if they are related.
    Good luck with the taper and the no booze / no junk food, it’ll pay off big time.

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