Last Pre-Race “Long” Run

I ran my last “long” run of this training cycle, a short 8-miler.

I ran it solo because my running partner, A, is out of town for the holiday weekend. It was a good opportunity to try out some candidates for my Newport Marathon playlist.

The plan was to keep the first 6 miles at an easy pace and then, if I felt up to it, run the last 2 miles at goal marathon pace. I felt good during the first part of the run, despite a little bit of taper-typical phantom pain in my left knee (taper: ugh) and decided to pick up the pace for the end.

I finished the run with my last 2 miles at 8:23 and 8:25/mile, even though my body wanted to run between 8:00 and 8:10. I’m getting pretty good at this pacing-discipline thing thanks to my coach.

After running home, I engaged in my usual long post-run stretch session. I don’t know why I stretch for so long (okay, I do–I use that time to catch up on social media), but I started a few months ago and can’t break the habit of stretching for a minimum of 20 minutes. I think it’s working, though, because (knock wood) my legs feel pretty loose and strong.

My cat tried to distract me from my social-media-catch-up while I stretched. I think I’m starting a stretching revolution in my house.

Before I knew it, she had commandeered my foam roller. As you can tell from her gigantic belly, she’s really into fitness.

Only 5 days until race day! I’m feeling confident about keeping an 8:25 to 8:30/mile pace at Newport. Two more short runs, 9-hour sleep sessions, and some serious carb loading are all that separate me from the big day.

Are you training for any races right now? Which one? Where are you in your training cycle?

8 thoughts on “Last Pre-Race “Long” Run

  1. Really impressed with your stretching regime; I’ve got to get on that. I am itching to run a race, can’t wait to hear how yours goes!

  2. Enjoy the last few days before the race, hope you get lots of sleep!
    I’m trying to train on speed right now, still doing longish runs to keep in shape for marathon training starting September.

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