Massage and Other Diversions.

I had a massage!

I always laugh when people assume that all massages are relaxing, luxurious events. I’ve had a few of those over the years (all before I had my kids, and if that isn’t a coincidence I don’t know what is), but most massages I have are fairly painful and not relaxing during the process.

I get sports massages about once or twice a month. My massage therapist, Heidi, is part of my arsenal.

behive prerace

Being massaged in less-painful times. Cute Heidi always looks this happy, even when she’s massaging me to tears.

Along with cross-training and conservative training, Heidi’s massages keep me from turning into an injured mess. Running, though, is running–and I sit way to much for my job–so injuries can happen despite my best efforts to avoid them.

Hence my current problem: what I thought was my left hip flexor, but which is actually my left adductors muscle group.

[Source: Wikipedia]

[Source: Wikipedia]

After a weekend of limping and soreness, I saw Heidi for an hour-long massage on Monday. This massage was hands down the most painful massage I have ever had in my life. Remember that scene from the “40-Year-Old Virgin” when Steve Carrell’s character is getting waxed?


That’s the level of pain I felt during the massage.

Except instead of swearing at Heidi and screaming “Kelly Clarkson!” at the top of my lungs, I giggled and yelled simultaneously, which is honestly one of the weirdest things I’ve ever done. But when you have a thumb unrelentingly digging into your upper thigh and your therapist is telling you to move your leg towards her thumb (and the pain), weird things happen.

Holy Mary Mother of God did it hurt.

But after the massage? I practically leaped off the massage table. Not because I wanted to run screaming away from Heidi to cower in a corner, but because my left leg felt loose and normal for the first time in several days. The pain was totally worth it.

Yesterday was also a good day, leg-wise, and today I feel great. I was even able to run from my office to my car today.  Yes, it was only about 200 feet, but, before you scoff, keep in mind I was barely able to walk last Saturday. I am very confident that I can return to running on Friday. I’m going to give it one more day of rest and then I’ll go for it. On a slow and short run to start, of course, but hopefully I can graduate to my Portland Marathon training plan ex post haste.

What else has happened this run-free week? Well, I’ve continued to watch “Sherlock” with the gusto of Jim Moriarti (inside “Sherlock” joke–I’m cool nerdy like that).

I started watching it on Saturday and, oh, only 4 days later I’m almost finished with Episode 1 of Season 3. Can you say “obsessed?” And, no, my interest in the show has nothing to do with Benedict Cumperdink Cummerbund Cumberbatch (that name! Ridiculous!). Each episode is a movie, really, focused on one mystery, but each episode is linked to a greater plot-line, the acting is first-rate, and I tend to love BBC series (see “Luther”).

If you haven’t seen “Sherlock,” you should. Three seasons are on Netflix and perfect for marathon-viewing.

Finally, when I could manage to tear myself away from my iPad to watch “Sherlock,” I watched the USA v. Belgium World Cup match with about 600 of my closest friends at a local watering hole, Doyle’s Public House.wc doyles 2

What an exciting match. I could barely stand to watch it–the suspense was too much, and that tent was hot as hell (it was 91 degrees yesterday, and at least that hot in the tent).  I had to leave right before regulation play ended to go back to work, so I didn’t see overtime and the loss. I heard it on the radio, which was disappointing enough. Even though the US lost, what a game! Only 4 more years until the next World Cup.

Do you undergo regular massage therapy? Do you ever marathon-view TV series? Which ones?



10 thoughts on “Massage and Other Diversions.

  1. I’ve heard great things about Sherlock, I think I’ll have to check it out! My husband and I just started House of Cards, and have watched it during any downtime we have. Not sure if you’ve seen The Killing, but it’s another show I’ve marathon-watched.

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