Birds of a Feather

I haven’t been a blogger for that long, but if you’ve read my blog for even the past few months you’ve probably spotted a trend.20140708-112446-41086322.jpgI am a huge fan of a certain pair of shorts: the Distance Short. See here and here. And I’m also a fan of the company that designs and makes them: Oiselle. And I’m also a fan of other items Oiselle makes, including but not limited to the Roga Short, their burnout tees, and their Scantron Strappy Bra, which I like enough to post a half-nekkid photo on the Twittersphere.

20140708-005230-3150515.jpgOops. Sorry you had to see that.

I reached out several months ago to Oiselle, inquiring about becoming a member of the Volée team, the company’s ambassador program. Other than enjoying the design and functionality of their running apparel, I really appreciate the sisterhood Oiselle has helped foster in the running world. The fact that Oiselle’s based out of Seattle, and therefore local, further motivates me to get behind the brand.

Recently, Oiselle announced it’s changing up its team structure to accommodate increased interest in Voleé. Because Oiselle has become an up-and-coming force in the running apparel industry (hello, Wall Street Journal article!), more lady runners have become aware of the brand. The fact that some running greats have joined its Haute (elite) Volée team (do Kara Goucher and Lauren Fleshman ring a bell?) has really increased its image and piqued potential team members’ interests. To accommodate this increased interest, Oiselle decided to create a new level of team membership: the Flock.
20140708-113049-41449273.jpg Sally Bergesen, founder and CEO of Oiselle, explained why the company decided to go in this direction. Simply put, there was too much interest to be able to include all interested participants in Volée, and increasing Volée membership would be financially unsustainable and not humanly possible. The Flock is Oiselle’s way of letting everyone who’s interested on its team.

The offer of membership in the Flock opened yesterday morning to subscribers of Oiselle’s email newsletter. I jumped on it and signed up as soon as I saw the email in my inbox. (I’m glad I didn’t hesitate, too–the limited spots sold out within a couple of hours.) And, voilá, I’m in the Flock!

20140708-112537-41137061.jpg Being in the Flock has perks, the most immediate of which are a special Flock singlet, Oiselle spike bag, and $20 credit toward some shorts. I’m looking forward to getting my gear in the mail soon. The Flock singlet is very cute and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of the spike bag (even though I, er, don’t own any racing spikes). It’s going to be tough deciding on which shorts I want. While I’m a tried-and-true Distance Short gal, I sure could use another pair of stretchy and versatile Rogas. [Side note: Those Rogas performed like a dream when I wore them river rafting in Bend last month.]
20140708-114446-42286418.jpgThank you, Rogas, for helping me look like a badass rafter.

And, all selfishness and materialism aside, $25 of the Flock membership fee is allotted to Oiselle’s Emerging Athlete Fund, which helps offset the expenses of the brand’s up-and-coming elites, a worthy cause and a move that’s completely consistent with Oiselle’s mission of runners supporting other runners.

The inclusiveness of the Flock is pretty cool, too. 200 more spots will open up in August. If you’re interested, check it out on the Oiselle website. I’m really excited to see what being a member of this new team is all about. Flock yeah!


7 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. ooh, super exciting, congrats!!! i wanted to sign up for the Flock but it had already sold out when i found out about it. i’m glad they’ll have more spots available in august though – i’m hoping to sign up then!

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