Things I’m Loving Right Now: That-Time-I-Was-on-“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Edition

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I made a “Things I’m Loving Now” post. The last one I posted was before the Newport Marathon. I guess that means I haven’t been loving much in the ensuing time period?


My “appearance” on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

This is an oldie but a goody. For some reason, this week I started thinking about how my husband and I went to watch a taping of “Late Night” when we were in New York last November for the marathon. Before the taping, we were pulled from the seating line by one of the show’s employees and asked if we wanted to be on stage during the segment of the show where the musical guest plays.

We obviously said “yes” and during the show we went up on the stage onto some risers to watch the band, The Dismemberment Plan, play a couple of songs, even though we were also told that being on stage meant we had to dance and act like we were really into the music. Ha.

With my memory randomly jogged, I decided to search online for video of the band’s performance/my appearance. And, voilá! (It won’t let me embed the video, but here’s a link: The Dismemberment Plan – Daddy Was a Real Good… by eidurrasmussen )

So I was on TV for a combined total of—what—ten seconds? But still, I’m totally world famous now, y’all.  Check out this incredible screen shot!Photo Jul 09, 4 25 28 PM

Umm… that’s me, deep in the shadows, barely visible, on the far right of the stands, just above the guitarist (or is he the bassist?).

See? Super famous. Do you want my autograph?

Seriously, though—watching that video made me laugh my ass off. The best part isn’t even barely-visible me—it’s seeing my husband’s arms flailing and hands clapping in the darkness behind me on the stands.

The Powell’s “Literature” Nalgene water bottle

Remember when you were a kid and you received something in the mail? It was like a having your own special holiday. Receiving mail, as an adult, usually means bills or junk mail. When I receive special mail—such as a card from a friend or a wedding invitation—my heart beats a little bit faster. I also get excited when I receive a package from one of my favorite retailers—even if it’s something on which I’ve spent my hard-earned money.

Case in point? This bottle:Powells Nalgene Collage

The book nerd in me loves this bottle. Too bad it’s not small enough to fit in my Nathan handheld sleeve, or I would tooootally take in on long runs with me, I lurve it that much.

Ice Cream Social

Photo Jul 05, 3 40 19 PM (1)Ice Cream Social opened a “scoop shop” in Tacoma’s hoppin’ 6th Avenue Business District last month, and I am already having a love affair with its locally made, artisanal ice cream.Photo Jul 05, 3 38 22 PM (1)

My daughter and her friends adore it, too.

The ice cream is delicious, all-natural, and reasonably priced—there’s no upcharge for one of their hand-rolled waffle cones (which are usually still warm—they’re that fresh). Flavors range from the more pedestrian—such as chocolate, strawberry, and salted caramel (my favorite)—to the more unique or adventurous (such as watermelon Italian ice and lavender honey).

I’ve visited way too often for a runner who’s not running but I just can’t help myself—it’s that good.

My birthday boots

Mid-July is always a special time of year. Why? The huge Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, silly. I buy my kids’ shoes for the approaching school year for about 2/3 of the regular retail price… and also buy some things for myself.

The Anniversary Sale conveniently occurs shortly before my birthday, which usually means my sweet mom buys me something I’ve eyed on sale as my birthday gift (you gotta’ love moms). This year, she bought me these cute and versatile Frye booties, which look great with skinny jeans and will help me look a little less un-cool when I go out with friends.

Frye Patty Riding Boot


Thanks, Mom!

This selfie of my daughter

Photo Jul 10, 5 50 29 PM‘Nuff said.

Happy weekend, y’all!

What are you loving lately? Any fun weekend plans?

4 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Right Now: That-Time-I-Was-on-“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Edition

  1. Martha B says:

    So much fun packed in one post! Your brush with stardom, super gorgeous shoes, and my personal favorite… Ice cream. Your daughter is beautiful! Way to go!
    Have a great weekend!

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