Throwback Thursday

I woke up this morning feeling pretty crummy (and no, it’s not because I went to the Tacoma Runners event and my friend’s birthday party last night–but more on those later) so I’m going to take it easy on myself and cave into the Throwback Thursday phenomenon rather than write and publish a detailed post today.

Photo Jul 24, 9 10 10 AMToday’s throwback goes way way back to a much simpler time when I was just 6 years old, chillin’ with my new kitten (Speedy, as in Speedy Gonzales, my then-favorite Loony Tunes character), reading comic books in bed in the middle of the day. Man alive the cover of that Bugs Bunny comic book looks ancient now! 

Have a great Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

    • I’m not a cat person, per se–I’m allergic, and don’t like most cats. However, we have had a cat for the past four or five years and she is like a 5th family member. She doesn’t make me sneeze, so that helps.

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