Friday Five: Good News! Imagine That.

TGIF, dear readers! This week flew by for me. I guess it had something to do with how incredibly busy I was with work and trying to coordinate my son’s soccer camp transportation, which was practically a part-time job by itself. No, but seriously–I’ve had a hellaciously busy work week, and the only advantage of that was that time passed quickly. It was like Monday flashed to Friday in the blink of an eye.

I’m linking up again with Courtney at Eat, Pray, Run DC, Mar of Mar on the Run and Cynthia of You Signed up for What?!? for Friday Five.

IMG_0139.JPGThe link-up hosts are letting us run wild with our topic today, so it should be fun to see what the other bloggers participating in the link-up feature as their five items. Please check out the hosts’ blogs and some of the other bloggers who’ve linked up.

The news lately has been depressing. Whether it’s at the international or local level, the bad news has been difficult to avoid. Frankly, I can’t avoid feeling sad or worried when I hear about the recent tragedies and terrible events. It would be fairly easy to become pessimistic about the state of thugs if one regularly watched the news. Apparently, this is officially a thing.

Therefore, my theme for this week’s Friday Five is Good News. Yeehaw! Let the positivity commence:

5. My boyfriend’s on the cover of the September issue of Details.

IMG_0159.PNGMama like. Wait–is that sexist? Who cares. My friend L texted this photo to me late last night and it cheered the hell outta me, even though this isn’t really what Idris Elba looks like. He really looks like this.

I can’t wait to see the photo spread inside, too. Happy happy, joy joy!

And lest you think me a weirdo fangirl, this Huff Post Canada story headline sounds even more breathless than me: “Idris Elba’s Details Cover Is All Kinds of Yes.” Well done, Huff Post Canada, well done.

4. The hot and humid weather finally broke.

As you may know, I live in the Pacific Northwest–specifically, the temperate Puget Sound region, which means we have mild summers and winters. Native Northwesterners like me aren’t used to 90-degree summer days, and certainly not long stretches of that kind of heat. We’re also not used to that much humidity (rain excepted).

Like much of the nation, we’ve experienced heat wave after heat wave this summer. Although I lived in Virginia for a few years and grew accustomed to the heat and humidity of the summers there, I lost that tolerance fairly soon after moving back here over 10 years ago. Simply put, I’m a wimp and started complaining about the weather about three days into the first heat wave this summer. And don’t get me started on the effect heat and humidity has on my running.

Fortunately, it’s been cooler this week, and it’s actually rained! I can’t believe I’m happy about that, and will probably kick myself for cursing the sunny weather come next winter, but that’s a Washingtonian for you.

3. The book I’m reading is a gas.

IMG_0162.JPGIf you caught my blog last week, you may have seen my post about how impatient I’d grown with the book I was reading at the time (All The Light We Cannot See), and how antsy I was to move on to a recent purchase (Blood of Heaven). Well, fickle little book lover that I am, I decided to read some thing entirely different after finishing All The Light. Amor Towles’ Rules of Civility is a light yet engaging novel set in the New York of the1930s. I’m not too far into the book due to how busy I’ve been, but I’m enjoying it immensely so far.

2. There’s a new Prancercise video!

And this one has horses!

1. The Boston Athletic Association finally released field size info for the 2015 Boston Marathon.

IMG_0163.PNGSounds weird, right? Why was I so excited about the release of this information?

Well, as you may or may not know, I qualified for Boston in May with a time that’s only 27-freaking-seconds faster than the cut-off for my gender and age. And, if you have ever run or aspired to run Boston and stalked the BAA website and Boston Marathon online forums like I have, you know that the BAA conducts rolling admissions for the legendary race. Quick and dirty version? The fastest runners will get a spot, and despite having achieved a qualifying time, the slower you are the less likely you are to actually be able to register.

For 2014, runners’ qualifying times had to be about 1 minute and 38 seconds faster than their gender and age cut-offs in order to gain admission into the race. Although some 36,000 runners were registered for the 2014 race, only about 68% of those runners had qualifying times.
The field size for the 2015 Boston Marathon is important to me because I feel like the bigger the field, the greater chance I have of squeaking into the race with my slow-ish qualifying time. In recent years, there were only 27,000 spots available per year, with about 82% of those going to qualifiers.

With 30,000 spots open for 2015, it sounds like there will be more opportunities for qualifiers to register, and hopefully the ratio of qualifiers to non-qualifiers will revert to pre-2014 numbers. My optimism is bolstered by some statements the marathon’s race director made earlier this year about his desire to accommodate all qualifiers.

So, fingers crossed! Registration for the 2015 Boston Marathon opens September 8, and those “squeakers” with qualifying times that are within 5 minutes of their cut-offs (like me) can’t attempt to register until September 14.

Have a wonderful weekend and make your own good news!

What’s your good news from this week?

10 thoughts on “Friday Five: Good News! Imagine That.

    • Thank you! I’m nervous, excited, anxious and can’t wait for mid-September.

      I’m not thrilled with the rain and gray skies, but I’m so glad it’s not hot anymore. You must not be a NW native. ;0)

  1. Oh my goodness I will be so hopeful that you make it in to Boston! I’m confident that I’ll never qualify until I’m maybe 80 so it makes me so happy to watch other people make it! I’m in TN where the humidity never stops but it has been a little less thick here lately. My good news for the week is that my girls loved their first week of kindergarten!!

    • Thank you! And, hey–you never know about Boston. Deep-down, I didn’t think I would be able to qualify… until it was actually happening.

      Yay about your girls doing well with their first week! That’s huge.

      I saw on your blog that you’re in Memphis. I was visiting family there in June and went running a couple of times. I think I lucked out on the weather because it wasn’t that humid the mornings I ran. I would have died if it was!

  2. I’m so glad I finally got around to watching the new Prancercise video, it is just as glorious as I hoped. Fingers crossed for Boston 2015!!

  3. Molly, I read The Rules of Civility last year and I absolutely LOVED it!! OH! You’re making me want to go back and read it again; I think I gave my copy away, and now I want to look for it! I would be hugely disappointed if I qualified (in any time!) for Boston and then did not get a spot when I wanted one; we shall storm the gates on September 14!! I’ll be cheering!

    • I finished it on Sunday, sadly. There I was, initially so excited to finish the book so that I could move on to the next good thing, and it turned out that the book really was great so that I didn’t want it to end. Boo! The sadness and sense of loss one feels when finishing a great book…

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