Weekend Update: Shop, Run, Costco Run

Happy Monday!

IMG_0154I’m linking up again with my friend Tara at Running ‘n’ Reading. Please go check out her blog!

Just as last week flew by, so did this past weekend. The speed with which my weekend passed may have had something to do with the fact that I was running errands for the majority of it.

School’s almost back in session and I am a terrible mom, so of course my kids are ill-equipped to return to school in September. In addition to spending some quality time at my local Target buying all manner of school supplies and at the mall buying the kids some school clothes, I also did this:

Photo Aug 16, 1 52 43 PMA little shopping for myself! Yes, I paid a quick visit to Nordstrom and, yes, I cannot escape my kids even when shopping. I went there to buy some new denim and to try to find a cute “birthday outfit” to wear this coming weekend in Vancouver. I found this adorable jacket and bought it, but I’ve already decided it’s going back. I can’t justify spending that much money on a novelty jacket, especially when the amount I’ll spend in Vancouver on food alone will be a (small) king’s ransom. I’m keeping the boyfriend jeans, though.

Photo Aug 16, 10 46 59 AMI also managed to get my “long run” in this weekend. I’d planned to run 11 miles but the route I ran ended short. Oh well. It was warm and humid (80%, which is high for around these parts) and I looked like a hot mess by the end of it. My pace was slower than I would like but I need to be realistic: I haven’t run double-digits since I ran the marathon on May 31, and I’m supposed to gradually build my speed and endurance post-injury. I think being capable of running a 10-miler should prepare me well enough to at least finish this weekend’s SeaWheeze Half without injury.  If my pace is anywhere near 9:52/mile at the SeaWheeze, I should be happy.

I ran only once this weekend to give myself a break, and instead logged what felt like miles at Costco in addition to Target and the mall. And lo and behold, look what Costco’s carrying!

Photo Aug 16, 4 24 07 PMWhee! Nuun at a great Costco price. My son was very, very pleased.

Photo Aug 16, 4 24 26 PMIf anyone loves Nuun more than me in our household, it might be this guy. I drink it during and after runs, as well as just for the hell of it, and he drinks it when he plays soccer. He would drink it more often if I let him, but I hoard my Nuun like it’s a rare commodity. I think he believes it gives him special athletic powers. I myself think it’s damn good for hydrating, but it turns out I was wrong about its capabilities:

Photo Aug 16, 4 24 39 PMHangover cure, huh? You learn something new every day.

Look what else I picked up at Costco:

Photo Aug 16, 4 35 05 PMA huge teddy bear–for only $30! Unbelievable. We bought it for a friend’s daughter, who has a birthday next month. I almost want to go back and buy another one for my daughter for Christmas.

My son and I cracked open the box of Nuun when we arrived home from our Costco run. I was expecting to see some of their trademark tubes, but instead I saw this:

Photo Aug 16, 5 08 28 PMThe individually wrapped tablets were a pleasant surprise–they’re extremely convenient for drinking Nuun on the go. I’m going to start keeping some tablets stashed in my purse.

The Costco Nuun box also has a fun variety of flavors. I am a hardcore Watermelon and Grape Nuun fan, so this box is pushing me a little out of my comfort zone… and I like it! So far I’ve tried Strawberry Lemonade and Lemon-Lime, and they’re both delicious. I’m going to try mixing half a tab here, half a tab there for some new flavor combos.

So that gets me started thinking about this weekend’s race. I need to start packing for Vancouver and the SeaWheeze, and will definitely throw in some of my new Nuun tablets in my luggage as well as my other requisite race items. I’m trying to decide whether or not to bring my handheld because I’m wary of the SeaWheeze’s official electrolyte drink. Like the saying always goes: Never try something new on race day.

I am so excited for this coming weekend. Let’s get this week started so we can get it over with, already!

How was your weekend? Do you have any upcoming races? Do you ever bring your own hydration to a race or do you rely just on what the course provides?

I was compensated for part of this post by Nuun, but all views and opinions are my own. Oh–and my son’s!




17 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Shop, Run, Costco Run

  1. Happy early birthday!!! I love that you are having your friends do a 1/2 with you for your birthday! There is no way I could convince my friends to do that! I hope you have a great birthday weekend!

  2. Oh, I love Nuun so much!!! What cute pictures, too! I’m glad you had a good weekend!! Also, I bring my own hydration to races!! Then I know what I have!! XOXO! Have a great week!

  3. Can’t wait to see pictures from Vancouver! I have started brining my own water with me so I can take my gels whenever I want and don’t have to time it with the course hydration stations, but then I also sometimes take the electrolyte drink they offer.

  4. Jane Likes to Run says:

    I don’t usually bring my own drinks to races because that doesn’t usually bother me. But I will be bringing my own energy gels from now on. I used to like to use the race provided gels because. …. Well mainly because they are free. Then I got pretty nauseous after eating one during a half marathon a few weeks ago. They left them out in the sun and it tasted like warmed over snot. Never again.

  5. Martha B says:

    Looks like you had some much needed retail therapy this weekend 🙂
    I don’t know how I haven’t even tried nuun yet. I’ve heard of it for years, but I’ve never seen it in a store, just online, so I’ve been hesitant to order any. From the sounds of your post though, and from what everyone says, it’s awesome. Maybe I need to reconsider!

    • You should try it! We have it in all of our running/sporty stores here in the PNW, as well as most grocery stores, but I guess it hasn’t made its way to the shelves in PA. Try ordering it online. If you don’t like it, I’ll eat my hat!

      • Martha B says:

        You don’t have to eat your hat, I promise 🙂 I will definitely look into it. I’m trying to plan out my race fueling for my upcoming 25k and half, because for some reason Gu has started giving me a weird reaction (it makes my breath/sweat smell like bleach?) so I’m open minded at this point!

  6. I seriously doubt that you are a terrible mom, but I certainly do not envy your weekend of running around shopping for back-to-school supplies. I really don’t enjoy shopping anymore; I buy what I have to all at once and hope that I don’t need anything else for awhile or, most likely, I’ll just find it online. It may be the years of retail work I did that are coming back to haunt me – ha!The jacket and jeans are SUPER-cute, though! 🙂 I’m excited about your birthday trip, and can’t wait to hear all about it! We only have Sam’s Club here (no Costco), but I’m going to have to keep an eye out for the NUUN, just in case…I usually buy that online, too – ha! Thanks so much for linking up again! Great post, Molly!

    • Thanks, Tara! I’m not a fan of shopping much anymore, either. I try to get in an out of stores as quickly as possible. A friend of mine is a personal shopper and I lean on her a lot, too.

  7. I need to get to Costco! That’s awesome!
    You are definitely NOT a terrible mom, but that dressing room picture reminds me of my shopping excursions much of the time. It’s rare that I get to shop alone. When I do it’s like I don’t even know what to do with myself. (And usually I end up spending way too much money.)

    That’s a great long run! I think you’re really going to surprise yourself at SeaWheeze. 🙂

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