Friday 5: Fall Preview

It’s the Friday before Labor Day weekend, which to me is always the symbolic last weekend of summer. As much as I enjoy summer, I love autumn. I think it all goes back to my youth and the anticipation of going back to school. For me, fall provides new opportunities.

So here’s a look forward to the fall and what it has in store for me. I’m once again linking up with Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia.

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1. Fall Apparel

This has been a biggie for me since I was about 10 years old. By August I’m usually dying to get out of my summer gear and move on to fall clothes and footwear. When I was a kid, I looked to the September issue of Seventeen Magazine for inspiration. Starting when I was a teen, I began to religiously purchase the Vogue September issue… although the last time I used that for fashion inspiration, I think I was younger than 30.  I’m jetting off to San Francisco today and plan to buy the September issue at the airport so I can devour it on the flight.

As for what, specifically, I’m looking forward to wearing? I can’t wait to wear booties, scarves, and jackets. I love layering, so jackets are definitely my thing.

Photo Aug 29, 12 43 32 PM

Last November, rockin’ a jacket in Times Square.


2.  The Portland (Not-)Marathon

If you’ve read my blog before, you know that I am still slowly building back my running from an injury I suffered in June, and that I decided not to run the Portland Marathon, which takes place October 5. I registered months ago and paid for my hotel room through Hotwire months ago, so because I’ve already spent too much $$$ on the race, I feel like I need to go to Portland anyway.

Yay, Portland!

Yay, Portland!

I’m planning to run 13.1 miles, only. With other races, I might say I’m just “dropping down to the half,” but the race director for the Portland Marathon is really, really strict and full marathoners finishing with the half marathoners is strictly forbidden. I’m not sure that security will tackle me if I try to cross the finish with the half runners, but I don’t want to test it. Because the full and half courses at Portland vary somewhat during the first half, if I run 13.1 miles on the full course that will put me in the Northwest Portland, a charming neighborhood with good breakfast spots, instead of the downtown finish area. I would much rather finish the race with some delicious brunch than a stale bagel, so I’m okay with this.

3.  Ballet

What? What, what?! I guess you didn’t know this, but my husband and I “dance” in a local production of the Nutcracker and have done so for the last few years. Our daughter dances at the school affiliated with the dance company that produces the Nutcracker, so that’s how we got started. We start rehearsing in September and will perform about 6 times in December.

The 2012 poster.

The 2012 poster.

I did ballet throughout my childhood and have continued to love the art. My husband? While he respects the beauty, athleticism, and dedication that ballet takes, he’s not a huge fan and has certainly never had interest in dancing himself. We play party guests in the first act of the Nutcracker, which means we really act more than dance. It’s incredibly fun and has become a holiday tradition for our family. Last year, even our son was in it.

4.  Halloween

Love this holiday. Love it! I sew so I really enjoy helping the kids get their costumes together. I’m a proponent of homemade costumes–none of those Costco-bought, cookie-cutter costumes for us!–so we start brainstorming costume ideas early. My daughter and her friend want to be marshmallows this year, which will be fun to help create. I need to start prodding my son to decide what he wants to be so I have time to help make his costume.

Photo Aug 29, 12 42 37 PMMy favorite past costume was Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

5.  The Seattle Half Marathon

The Seattle Half always takes place the Sunday directly following Thanksgiving, which helps me feel better about gorging myself on Turkey Day. This year, the race will take place on November 30.

I’ve run the Seattle Half only once before, in 2012. The course is pretty tough because there are a lot of hills–from gradual to steep and everything in between–and the weather is usually harsh. I don’t know why the powers-that-be decided to schedule the Seattle Marathon (and half) for late November when the Pacific Northwest isn’t known for having wonderful weather during that time period, but oh well. Part of the fun is seeing how many bad-ass, runs-in-the-rain-types show up for this race.

I’m so excited for the fall. Bring it on!

Are you dreading or excited for the fall? What are you most excited about? Are you planning to run any races in Fall 2014?

13 thoughts on “Friday 5: Fall Preview

  1. thanks for linking up again. I LOVE that you and your husband dance/act in that show. how awesome. and yeah, i’ve heard stories about the terrible weather that often hits the seattle marathon / half. fingers crossed no bad weather this year!

  2. You dance and sew?! Wow – you are a woman of many talents! Also, I am pretty sure I have the exact opposite reaction to the pending arrival of Fall. I wouldn’t mind if Summer just stuck around forever! 🙂

  3. Weekends in Portland and Seattle are definitely something to look forward to! Your Portland Marathon plan sounds really good too. I’ve been thinking a lot about the PNW lately, and really want to get back there soon.

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