Two Weeks in One Post

If this was a song, it would sound like the really fast parts of REM’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine).” You know, readers who are aged 30 and older–the part where Michael Stipe is doing that rapid-fire delivery? That’s kind of how this post will go.

Lots of things happened over the last 2 weeks while I was not really blogging. Trying to cram all that info into one post? Kind of impossible without doing it in hyper-speed.

So let’s go.

IMG_4558.JPGI flew down to San Francisco to spend time with my best friend, T. She lives at the top of a hill that is steep on all sides. Even walking up that hill kicked my ass–and I thought I was in decent shape! Ha! Good Tacoma-shape, but not good SF-shape.

We watched a lot of “Inside Amy Schumer,” my new favorite show created by and starring my new favorite person and imaginary BFF, Amy Schumer. And when we weren’t watching episodes of her show on Amazon Prime, we did stuff like:


IMG_4570.JPGDay-drinking (that’s a carafe of grapefruit mimosa, y’all!!!).

IMG_4589.JPGUrrr… And more day-drinking.

And eating! We ate, too. I think we ate burrata about 5 times over the course of the weekend, so that alone made the trip stellar.

IMG_4610.JPGI also managed to take this slightly deranged selfie in a restaurant bathroom. A first for me, and probably the last. I did it only because I was wearing green and the entire restroom was green and I thought, “Wow. I need to take a selfie because of all this green.” It seemed inspired at the time but about 3 minutes later it seemed dumb/weird.

Upon returning home, it was time for the kids to go back to school. Where the heck did the summer go? It flew by especially fast this year, maybe because the weather was unusually fantastic. At any rate, the kids were still excited to return to school.

IMG_4725.JPGThey even pretended to like each other while I took this first-day photo.

Hmm… What else happened?


IMG_4727.PNGMy son hijacked my Instagram account and decided to post random photos of our cat (as well as photos of him with his friends) along with nonsensical, misspelled captions. Please don’t judge me, Instagram followers/friends.

Last weekend we escaped town for a work retreat in the Bavaria of Washington:


Even though it was a work thing, I took the family and we had a great weekend of yodeling, schnitzel-eating, and stein-raising. I managed to squeeze in a short run, and the whole family got a workout…

IMG_4712.JPG…playing mini-golf. Hey–when in Rome, right? Sometimes it’s fun doing silly touristy things, especially when kids are involved.

So those are the last 2 weeks summarized as quickly as I could manage. I left out some of the downer things (e.g., backed-up sewer line, broken-down car) because I don’t want to waste more energy and time on events that have already taken a lot of out me. And, really, does anyone want to see a picture of what a backed-up sewer line looks like? No.

Hope you have a happy week, friends. It’s good to be back.

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