Weekend Update: Sick, But Not Sick Enough to Miss My Dawgs

Hello! Happy Monday, and all that.  I know, I know, my enthusiasm is overwhelming you. Sorry about that.

am happy to report that I’m back for another installment of Weekend Update, part of the link-up with my girl Tara over at Running ‘n’ Reading.

weekend updateIf you’re a little down in the dumps or feel crummy like I do right now, you should hurry over to her site because her upbeat attitude will cheer you up. Seriously. But even if you feel great because you love Mondays (which is not normal, by the way), you should still check out her blog.  So go!

Okay. My weekend started out by my catching the upper respiratory virus my son brought home from school last week. There’s honestly nothing like coming down with an illness right before the weekend starts, especially when you have important plans during said weekend.

Which I did. Namely, a University of Washington football game with some of my closest friends from college. Did that pesky virus, complete with chills, sore throat, and post-nasal-drip-galore keep me from catching up with friends and rooting for my Huskies?

Of course not!

I went to the game on Saturday and even mustered the energy to:

Photo Sep 20, 1 27 36 PM…Take silly photos.

Photo Sep 20, 1 27 03 PM…Pose with the Husky Marching Band van. (Wha?? Long story.)

Photo Sep 20, 1 32 19 PM…And take a lopsided photo of the gorgeously rebuilt Husky Stadium.

We had a great time kind-of-watching the game. It was rough the first half, when underdog Georgia State scored 2 touchdowns and the Huskies looked more like lapdogs than competitors, but the UW pulled it off in the second half and won the game 45-14. Even better than the game itself was the time I had catching up with my friends.Photo Sep 20, 4 32 16 PM

I did suffer for this day of fun, though, and woke up Sunday morning with a nasty, nasty headache, and an even more sore throat. Ugh. I took it easy the rest of the day.

One nice thing about being sick and bed-bound, though, is that I read a lot in between naps. I finished The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan, a novel set in 1914 about a young woman who tries to survive after the sinking of a luxury cruise liner. The story is interesting and moves quickly, so it took only a few hours to read. Its complicated moral questions make it a great book club selection.

So that’s my weekend. I’m still sick but trying to make the best of it, fuzzy brain and all. I hope your Monday finds you well and happy!

What book are you currently reading? What was your favorite thing from last weekend?

13 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Sick, But Not Sick Enough to Miss My Dawgs

  1. HC says:

    Kids are so germy. I avoid them like the plague once school starts up, but I guess parents can’t really do that, huh? Hope you feel better!

    I’m reading A Discovery of Witches, the first in a trilogy. Only half way in, but it’s reading quicksand. The story sucks you right in and it’s ridiculously well written. If you’re open to supernatural fiction you may like it.

  2. Bummer you are sick – but glad UW was able to win that game on Saturday! Feel better!

    I am reading Beautiful Ruins right now and I can stay awake for more than 3 pages – which means I think it is really good! 🙂

  3. Thanks for linking up again, Molly! I’m so sorry that you’re not feeling well…you are a trooper for going to that game, but I’m sure it was a ton of fun to meet up with your gals. Thank you for the book recommendation; I’ve already looked that one up and added it to my list! These gals have mentioned some great books, too – I haven’t read Beautiful Ruins yet, but I would sure like to! So many! Hope you feel better soon.

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