Weekend Update: Back to Life

Back to reality. Monday, Monday. Honestly, one of the best things about Monday is wrapping up my weekend hijinks by way of these Weekend Update link-ups with my friend, Taraweekend update

Check out her blog, Running ‘n’ Reading, and consider joining the link-up!

My weekend wasn’t that eventful except for the fact that I reemerged as a relatively well person by Friday afternoon. If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t, you really should), you know that I was sick last week. Really sick. As in, wishing-there-was-a-chicken-noodle-soup-delivery-service sick. I even missed 1-1/2 days of work! That’s sick, my friend. And my kids were sick right along with me.

The snot (sorry) mostly cleared by late Friday and I was able to detect odors and breathe somewhat normally again, just in time for the weekend. I was beyond ready to become active again, having endured over a week of not running. I took it easy on Saturday morning and went on a short, flat, sub-4 mile run. How did it go?  Well, let’s just say it felt a lot longer than 4 miles.

Is it possible to lose that much fitness in the span of about 10 days? The experts say “no,” so I think my fatigue has to do with the fact that I’m dealing with the lingering effects of this nasty upper-respiratory bug. I decided not to push it and didn’t run on Sunday in order to give myself an extra day to recover.

The only other active thing I did all weekend was attend my son’s soccer game. Photo Sep 27, 1 11 48 PMI use the term “active” loosely.

The remainder of the weekend was spent shuttling my kids places, running errands, and reading. Ah, reading! As I’ve said before, it’s the best part about being sick.

signature of all things

Source: elizabethgilbert.com

I finished Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things, a novel set in the 19th century about a privileged woman who rises beyond society’s expectations to become self-sufficient world-traveler and botanist. The book was extremely engaging and thought-provoking, albeit a little bit perplexing and disturbing at times, particularly when the protagonist, Alma Whittaker, reaches Tahiti. If you’ve read the book, you probably know what I mean. I appreciated the care with which Gilbert developed Alma’s multifaceted personality and the novel’s feminist tone, but there were parts of the book that contradicted those aspects. I highly recommend the novel, if you haven’t read it.

After finishing The Signature of All Things, I jumped right into the next book on my list, The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, which I received in this month’s Indiespensable shipment.indie bone clocks capture So far, The Bone Clocks could not be more different than The Signature of All Things.

And that’s my weekend.

How was your weekend? Did you do any great runs or workouts? Did you finish or start any books?  In other words, were you more active than sloth-like me? 

13 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Back to Life

  1. Glad you are feeling better! I’m glad you read Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel! I’ve been debating whether or not to give it a try. I guess I’ll have to add it to my list 🙂 I hope you have a great week 🙂

    • Thank you! I was starting to wonder if I would ever get better.

      You should definitely add the book to your list. I think it’s a good book for book clubs (if you’re in one) because there’s a ton of ambiguous, discussion-worthy topics in there!

  2. Glad you’re feeling better! Running after being sick is always really difficult for me, but then I find the fitness comes back fairly quickly. Good call on getting the extra rest!

  3. Jane Likes to Run says:

    I’m finishing up One Hundred Years of Solitude. Still not sure what I think about it. At times it’s pretty hard to follow the story line.

    • I have always been intimidated by Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s writing. Good for you for reading One Hundred Years. One of these days I need to try reading one of his books (along with one of James Joyce’s).

  4. They say you can’t lose fitness but I think it takes such out of you it takes a while to get back into it. I’ve been a sloth lately and I have no excuse.
    Ashley @ Kickashmom.com

    • I agree with you (about illness taking it out of me, not about you being a sloth). I couldn’t drag myself out of bed this morning to run on the ‘mill. I need to get one of those adjustable beds that dumps me out onto the floor when my alarm goes off.

  5. Blech. I hope you’re finally started to regain some of your energy and feeling better; I am such an awful sick person. I don’t know how anyone deals with me at all. On the bright side, I’m glad you got some reading done! I have a work colleague who loves Elizabeth Gilbert and read this one but, after hearing her talk about it, I just wasn’t sure I’d be able to stick with it. I am very interested in The Bone Clocks; what do you think, so far? It’s received a lot of media attention, which could go either way. Thank you for linking up again; love your posts and I love finding out what’s going on in your world!

    • Aw, thank you, Tara! And thanks again for hosting. I’m enjoying The Bone Clocks so far although its narrative is more challenging to follow than your standard piece of fiction. It’s disturbing and extremely creative. So far, so good!

  6. I’m so glad you are feeling better! I hate being sick and I always feel like it takes my running some time to get normal again. Especially when snot and mucus is involved! I really need to find a good book to read. I’m thinking about Gone Girl since the movie is coming out. Have you read it?

    • I read Gone Girl last year. It’s a clever story, and I think it will probably make a good movie. I thought the book was just okay, but don’t take it from me: M of my friends liked it a lot!

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