Goodbye September, Hello October!

Happy October, friends!

September flew by. It seems like a blur, and that’s okay. It wasn’t the greatest month of my life, what with illness and other personal challenges occurring at a “Why me, God?”-rate. Really, getting declined by the Boston Marathon was a minor blemish on the big picture this month. Thank goodness all that’s over with.

Now… looking forward, here are October’s Coming Attractions!

2011 PDX medalI’m running in the Portland Marathon this weekend! Notice I deliberately used the word “in” in that last sentence, meaning I’m not running the full marathon, just running in it. I hope to run the first 8 miles of the course, although, if my recent running habits are any indication, I may not be able to last even that distance. I’m going to start the race with my friend, fellow Oiselle flock-mate Marilyn, who will carry on to run the full course after my out-of-shape self drops out. She has set a goal to run it in under 4 hours and I know she’ll meet her goal!

I’m embarking on a project to capture 1 second of every day on video. I first became aware of the concept through the movie “Chef,” and then saw it carried out in real life on Andrea’s blog, Born and Raced in Chicago. Now I’m taking a stab at it myself. I’m using the 1 Second Everyday app on my iPhone 5s to do it and I’m so excited! Stay tuned at the end of the month for the finished product.

I will start seriously building my running mileage again. It’s been kind of a downward slide since the Newport Marathon at the end of May. I took 2 weeks off per my coach, then returned to regular running only to get injured. Several weeks of no or limited running followed, with physical therapy visits sprinkled here and there. Despite running a sub-2 hour half-marathon at the SeaWheeze in late August, I didn’t regain my stride, so to speak. During October, I’ll focus on regaining my running mojo and returning to a regular running schedule of 4 to 5 days per week, with a conservative accumulation of weekly mileage under my coach’s tutelage.

I’ve already identified that I want to run the 2015 Chicago Marathon next October, but I still need to find a spring marathon in which I’ll attempt to qualify again for Boston. I’m working with my coach and eyeing a few, including the Capital City Marathon, the Tacoma City Marathon, and even the brand-new Eugene Springfield Marathon. But my hope is that the Eugene Marathon, which has not yet announced its 2015 date, will move back to late April. Last year, the Eugene Marathon was run in late July in conjunction with the world juniors track championships, and I switched my BQ-attempt race from Eugene to Newport as a result. If it the Eugene Marathon does move back to April, I plan to run it for my BQ-attempt. I’m impatiently waiting for the announcement from Eugene.

And, finally, it wouldn’t be October without Halloween! I’m trying to decide on a costume that’s funny, creative, non-sexy (I hate sexy costumes–long story), and easily identifiable, and I’m having trouble this year. Usually I come up with something at the last minute. Last year I was Frida Kahlo:Photo Oct 01, 10 45 34 AM

It was so much fun rocking a uni-brow! I love Halloween.

What are you looking forward to this month? Are you running any races? Do you dress up for Halloween?

8 thoughts on “Goodbye September, Hello October!

  1. Okay, so tell me about this coaching situation; is this someone local that you use? I’m contemplating a coach but, obviously, not while I’m gimped up with this hamstring what-not. I’m excited to hear about your plans and THRILLED that you and Marilyn will get to run together some this weekend! Well, thrilled and also jealous. 🙂 I hope you have tons of fun; can’t wait to hear all about it! EEEEKKK!

    • I use a local coach. She is great–I know she’s the reason I BQ’ed. Physically and mentally, she’s taken me to the next level.

      I’m excited for this weekend, too. Should be fun!

  2. Wow! Your Frida costume is impressive!

    I am so excited for this weekend! WOOT!

    I am also waiting to see what happens with Eugene, but Spring marathon planning will be here before we know it.

  3. I’m looking forward to this weekend’s double marathons — New Hampshire and Maine. The weather should be great (assuming it doesn’t rain) and I’ll have a chance at seeing old friends in New England. This reminds me of last year’s double feat, which included Leavenworth and Portland (a beautiful race). Enjoy those first 8 miles (though, admittedly, the trainyards are part of those first eight, which were not my favorite at all).

    • Okay–I’m super impressed you’re capable of running back-to-back marathons. Wow! Have a great time this weekend. I imagine NH and ME are absolutely gorgeous this time of year.

      And I agree with you regarding the dull first half of the Portland Marathon. That race rewards the runners of the full with the good views.

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