2015 Eugene Marathon Registration? Check!

I’m baaaaack! Okay, so maybe I wasn’t absent from Blogland for that long, but it’s certainly felt like it. I was starting to feel guilty for not posting anything since last Thursday. I shouldn’t feel guilty because I was really busy with the office, the kids, the husband, my broken-down Volvo, and other aspects of my non-blog life, but still. It was getting to the point where my running talk started spilling over into practically every conversation with my husband, kids, mom, and random strangers (i.e., people who don’t necessarily want to hear about my running ad nauseum), so I knew it was time to get back to the iPad and start writing.

And then I had even more impetus to write a new post:

Photo Oct 14, 3 31 07 PM

I’ve finally selected and registered for my spring 2015 marathon!

My friend Aimee texted me midway through my work day yesterday to alert me–OMG OMG–that the Eugene Marathon was returning to the spring and that registration had opened and [pause for deep breath and sip of water] that it’s going to be held on Mother’s Day.Photo Oct 14, 3 30 00 PM

Mother’s Day! Surely this portends good luck for the race… like a PR?

I love this race. The course is relatively flat and produces a lot of PRs and has a high rate to the storied University of Oregon track and field program, several Olympic track and field trials, legend Steve Prefontaine,  and some pretty delicious beer.  And have I mentioned that the race finishes on the Hayward Field track?

I ran the half twice (in 2012 and 2013) and set PRs both times, and I’m hoping for another PR next May; this time in the full marathon.  I want to qualify again for Boston, and this time I want my BQ to have more of a cushion than my current time, which simply wasn’t fast enough to earn me a spot at the 2015 Boston Marathon.

I registered for the Eugene Marathon within about 10 minutes of receiving Aimee’s texts and reserved hotel rooms about 5 minutes after that.  Eugene is a small city and the hotels fill quickly, so Aimee and I knew we had to reserve now to avoid later disappointment. (I learned this the hard way in 2012, when my friend M and I failed to reserve a room until about one month before the race, and ended up staying in a malodorous Super 8 in a nearby town that could have stood in for one of the locations in the film “Deliverance.”)

I’m all set to meet with my coach, Kris, next week. We’re going to start preparing my training plan for Eugene, which I cannot wait to start!  For now, though, I’m running wisely and conservatively, logging only 3 runs and about 14 miles per week. I need to build my mileage slowly to prevent myself from waking up that old hip flexor injury, but I also would like to be running around 20-25 miles per week by the time I start marathon training in late December.

In keeping with running wisely, I’ve also started attending a high-intensity interval exercise class at my gym. So far I’ve gone twice in 2 weeks, and it’s tough (particularly on my weak arms, shoulders, and core), but I need to cross-train. I believe that my failure to cross-train that past 2 years has my tendency to become injury-prone. My plan is to attend the interval class twice weekly until I start running 5+ days per week in late December or early January.

I’ve also started regularly performing the Myrtl routine to strengthen my hips, the instability of which are the source of many of my hip flexor and IT band issues.  I heard about Myrtl, my new girlfriend, through my buddy and massage therapist, Heidi. Heidi learned about Myrtl from her friend and trainer, Ruth Perkins, an amazing local runner who wins marathons left and right and recently qualified for the Olympic Trials. If it’s good enough for an Olympic Trials Qualifier and a health professional, it’s gotta’ be good! 

I do feel like performing the Myrtl is making my glutes stronger, which makes me confident about my chances of staying injury-free through the coming training cycle.

Can you tell I’m excited about this race? My enthusiasm appears to be contagious, as Aimee registered even before I did, and since yesterday afternoon at least 2 other friends have registered, and 2 more are considering. It sounds like there’s going to be a big party in Eugene next May…

If you’re interested in running the Eugene Marathon like me and other runners who like running fast, flat courses and drinking beer, act quickly! They are running an early bird discount code through Saturday (October 18, 2014) which takes $10 off the already low early registration prices of $85 (full) and $65 (half). See more on their website.

Are you excited about any upcoming races or races on the horizon? Have you ever run the Eugene Marathon or its half? What are some of your go-to exercises to prevent injury?

20 thoughts on “2015 Eugene Marathon Registration? Check!

  1. Molly! The Myrtl routine is what I’ve been doing after EVERY run since I hurt my hamstring a few weeks ago; it is definitely helping! I also do the Lunge Matrix warm up before each run; you may have already seen that, too. I’m so excited that you are going to do Eugene; I definitely feel a PR gift coming for Mother’s Day. 🙂 I need to cross-train, too; ugh. Just working out details to start with a new coach, so we’ll see what comes next. Thanks so much for sharing your excitement!

    • I can’t wait to hear about what you decide with your new coach! I firmly believe having a coach makes a huge difference–physically and psychologically. I felt way more prepared for and confident about my last marathon because of my coach.

      And re: Myrtle–if it’s working for you, I’m going to do it religiously!

  2. Jane Likes to Run says:

    This is one marathon that is on my list. I thought I would do it this year, but it didn’t work out. I look forward to hearing about it!

      • Jane Likes to Run says:

        After some last minute debating, I think I am going to do this in May. Hopefully will register in time for the discount. Do you have a recommendation for areas to stay in to make it easy on myself for the race? I am excited. I’ve never been to the Pacific northwest!

      • That’s great news! How exciting this will be your first visit to the PNW!

        In 2013, I stayed in downtown Eugene at the Hilton. It was very convenient because the marathon had a shuttle stop there, but I wouldn’t recommend the hotel itself because our accommodations were sub-standard. It may have improved, but at the time of our stay out room was dirty when we checked in. This year, I’m staying in adjacent Springfield, which probably isn’t as convenient.

        The marathon’s site lists several shuttle stops beyond the Hilton, including the Valley River Inn, Autzen Stadium, and the Holiday Inn Express (Springfield). The two hotels on that list may be the most convenient. Not sure if this link will work (I’m posting from my phone), but check it out: http://eugenemarathon.com/raceday/

        If you want swankier accommodations, you may also want to see if the Inn on 5th has rooms available. It’s located downtown and a short walk from the Hilton.

        Good luck!

  3. Eugene – Here we come! I am in the same boat as you and really going to try to focus on strength training and cross training before I ramp up mileage in January. I can’t wait!

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