Weekend Update: Halloween, Rest, & the NYC Marathon

I am so happy to be back to the Weekend Update link-up with Tara. I fell out of habit of writing due to being over-scheduled the last couple of weeks, and I dropped out from my little community of blogger friends. Ugh. Sorry, guys. But I’m back, and I’m ready to go.

As with past Weekend Update link-ups, I encourage you to hop over to Tara’s blog to see what she’s up to. Tara’s really active and an excellent writer. And she’s also a very reliable/regular blogger. Basically she’s my idol right now and you need to check out her site.

So what did I do this past weekend? Friday, of course, was Halloween. I took off from work a little early and picked my kids up from school so we could squeeze in some “Happy Hour” trick-or-treating. That’s what I’ve decided to call what happens when kids go trick-or-treating in a shopping district during daylight hours. You probably have something similar in your town/city. Essentially the kids run rampant over said business district and get hopped up on candy before the real trick-or-treating happens after the sun sets.


My daughter was going to be a surgeon but at the last minute hated her scrubs and decided to throw together a “detective” costume. But then she forgot to take her hat and so she ended up looking like a normal person. One business owner tried to guess what she was: “You’re a… Kardashian?” Um, proud mom, right here.

IMG_0263.JPGLittle Kim/Kourtney/Kloe and my son, Thomas Muller (what–you don’t know who he is? You’re not a fan of semi-obscure German soccer players??), enjoyed spending All Hallows’ Eve wearing extremely vague costumes. I guess that what happens when one’s kids edge ever closer to adolescence. I miss these days:


Saturday brought sunshine and soccer.

IMG_0265.JPGBut, alas, no running. I had a weird, subtle pulling sensation in the back of my left heel last week during a couple of runs. Then I started to note a faint burning feeling in my heel. I think it’s due to my new running shoes ( I switched brands–and I should have known better!) and some of the more explosive exercises in that high-intensity intervals class I’ve been taking the last month.

At any rate, I decided to take some rest days. I don’t know if it’s the start of Achilles Tendinopathy or Plantar Fasciitis, but I don’t want to push it. There’s no need to push anything right now as I don’t have to start marathon training until late December, and even then I’m going to have a 20-week training cycle, which leaves room for foundation building. No worries, at least for now.

So instead of running, I spent some quality time on Saturday with my kids’ Halloween candy haul. Oh, and I watched “The Shining” totally against my will.

Sunday was like a holiday for me. I woke up early to watch the New York City Marathon, which was televised live nationally and also available for free online. (I wish the Boston Marathon was that easy to view!) I was cheering for Kara Goucher, who was tackling the 2014 NYCM as her comeback race, Deena Kastor, who was attempting to break the US Masters record, and über-competitor Desi Linden. I’d heard race conditions would be less than ideal, but watching the race was fairly brutal as the runners battled high headwinds through the majority of the course.

The NYCM already has one of the most challenging courses of the Marathon Majors, and adding strong winds made this year’s race a tough event.

Kara Goucher ran like a fighter, keeping up with the lead pack for the first 13 miles or so, and stayed only 30 seconds behind them until Mile 22, when she hit the wall for the first time in her career. Her finish was incredibly emotional, as was her post-race interview. She is so inspiring to me, and–although I’m a measly mid-pack runner–I can relate to her recent challenges with injuries. I am confident Kara will continue to get stronger and faster, and that her hard work will put her where she wants to be by next fall.


Deena Kastor also ran for a while with the lead pack before falling about a minute behind. She ended up finishing slower than her intended goal–2:25–but that’s not surprising considering the conditions. Apparently, the 2014 New York City Marathon was the slowest race since 1984. Deena looked strong at the finish, though, and I know she’s going to destroy that Masters record next year, perhaps at Boston.

IMG_0274.PNGDesi Linden ran a very strong race, staying with the lead pack almost the entire race. She finished 5th overall and as the first American woman. Inspiring!

The rest of Sunday was spent at rehearsal for the Nutcracker followed by dinner and beer with friends at their new microbrewery, the Pacific Brewing Company. I tried the Session Pale Ale (good, but perhaps a little too hoppy for me) and the 1897 Pale Lager (delightful!). br />
IMG_0266.JPGIt was a great capper to a fun and busy weekend.

How was your weekend? Did you watch the New York City Marathon?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Halloween, Rest, & the NYC Marathon

  1. YAY!!! I’m so glad that you are back; I’ve really been suffering from Molly Withdrawal, but I know you’ve been busy so I didn’t want to add to the pressure. I’m really loving the fact that your precious daughter was mistaken for a mini-Kardashian; hey, a girl’s gotta have something to fall back on, right? She is adorable. I can’t even imagine running in that race yesterday…crazy. Another blogger who lives in NYC left a comment this morning that the wind was so strong that some of her neighbors briefly lost electricity. Happy to hear that you enjoyed some fun yesterday, too – a new microbrewery? How awesome! Hope your foot issue clears up with some rest; you’re being very smart about all of this. Thanks for linking up and mentioning the blog; so happy to “see” you!!

    • Thank you for missing me, Tara! I feel badly that, in addition to not blogging, I’ve also missed out on reading my regular blogs (like yours). I’m so glad my work has quieted down a bit!

  2. So glad you are back to blogging! I wasn’t able to watch the NYCM but I saw the results and just wanted to cry for Kara! I hope your heel starts to feel better soon. Gotta love breaking in new shoes!

    • Thanks, Stephanie! Well, I returned the shoes. They were really comfortable and light, but I just don’t think the heel had enough structure for me. I’m going back to my “injury shoes,” the Brooks Adrenaline GTS.

  3. I have to laugh when I got to the Kardashian part because as I was scrolling through the pictures, I thought your daughter looked very grown-up and that maybe she was dressing up as a grown-up. (Not a Kardashian though.)
    Good luck healing your heels. I hope that it is something as simple as shoes (although not exactly cheap!)

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