Weekend Update: A Race and Food, Food, Food

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a pleasant and relaxing weekend. My weekend was pleasant, but not that relaxing. I had a great time nonetheless.

IMG_5781.JPGI’m linking up again with Tara at Reading ‘N’ Running. If you’re a blogger, join the link-up on her site!

Saturday was a gorgeous Pacific Northwest day–dry, sunny, and brisk, the perfect conditions to participate in a race with some fellow Oiselle teammates. I had been on the fence about running the Mustache Dache Seattle 5K after my distressing heel symptoms, but decided to attempt it anyway when I woke up on Saturday morning feeling good. And I’m so glad I did!

In addition to meeting some new peeps, I was able to reconnect with Marilyn, Sarah, and Liz.

Credit: Sarah.

Credit: Sarah.

Marilyn and I ran the race together, which marks my third consecutive race running with her. Oh–and I PR’ed! My race recap will follow later this week.

After the race, I ran a couple cool-down miles with Liz, who had just taken 2nd place overall and is a much faster runner than me (obvi). However, she was gracious enough to slow down to Molly-pace. Post-cool-down, we met up with some teammates at the beer garden, chatted, and posed for pics.

Credit: Sarah.

Credit: Sarah.

Liz and another Oiselle teammate, Cathleen (who placed third), were honored at the awards ceremony.

IMG_0283.JPGNice job, ladies!

I ended up driving Liz back to her hotel and, on the way, we stopped at Paseo for sandwiches. The line was long and we waited in it for about 45 minutes.

IMG_5782.JPGThe wait was completely worth it, though. Prior to arriving at Paseo, Liz had described its Caribbean Roast Sandwich as the best sandwich she’d ever eaten. After eating one, I have to agree.


Credit: Yelp.

The sandwiches were messy, flavor-rich, amazing, life-changing (okay–did I go too far?).

If you find yourself in Seattle, drop everything and go to Paseo to try one. Pro tip: Take cash, because Paseo doesn’t take credit cards. Thank God Liz had enough cash to cover my sandwich. Embarrassingly, I hadn’t brought any cash with me to Seattle that day. Thank you, Liz!

On the way back to Liz’s hotel, I talked her ear off about her band, RAC, a popular electronic group, and music in general. It was a fascinating conversation and made me appreciate even more how talented she is. Talk about a renaissance woman–not only is she a competitive runner, she’s a professional musician. In addition to placing at the Mustache Dache that morning, she had performed the night before and was to perform the night following at the legendary Crocodile Cafe. Go, Liz, go!

On Saturday evening, I managed to find an empty spot in my stomach to fill when I met up with some girlfriends in Tacoma. We went to Dirty Oscar’s Annex, a well-reviewed gastropub whose claim to fame is an appearance on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.” Thankfully, Guy Fieri and his bad dye-job and facial hair weren’t there that night, but the place was packed regardless. It was really difficult to order drinks and everything–service, food, atmosphere–felt haphazard. This was my third time eating there, and everyone’s food was cool or lukewarm, just as it had been the two previous visits.

Credit: Yelp.

Credit: Yelp.

The company was better than the food, though, and isn’t that all that matters in the end?

Sunday morning I had contemplated going for an easy short run with my coach, Kris, but woke up with tired/sore adductors. Not sure why, because usually those don’t get sore when I run, and I didn’t do anything crazy at the Mustache Dache that would’ve earned me DOMS in that muscle group. Maybe I was sleepwalking last night and stumbled upon an old Thighmaster? I guess this will remain one of life’s big mysteries.

Anyway, due to the soreness and the fact I hadn’t really run last week because of heel pain–except for racing a 5K (wise, eh?)–I decided not to run with Kris and instead decided to do the complete opposite: Eat a ton of food!

The family and I ended up driving to Kent to have dim sum at the Imperial Garden, our favorite Cantonese restaurant in the Puget Sound. Per our usual, we ended up ordering way too much for a family of four. Photo Nov 09, 11 41 39 AMIt was all delicious (well, except for the chicken feet–which I don’t eat) and devoured within 30 minutes. We don’t waste time!

After dim sum, we visited the Ranch 99 Market next door to stock up on some Asian cooking essentials (soy sauce, rice vinegar, fresh ramen, potsticker wraps). While there, I found some food containers that I thought would be a good substitute for the pricey-but-awesome Hydroflask food containers my kids have been begging me for since I brought home a Hydroflask from Bend. Behold, BuBee food containers!


Not surprisingly, I ended up not purchasing them because I figured my kids would never be able to live them down after unveiling them in the school lunchroom.

Have a great week!

Did you race this weekend? What was the funniest thing you saw or heard over the weekend?

9 thoughts on “Weekend Update: A Race and Food, Food, Food

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Thanks for letting me chase you in the 5K – and for putting my “9 minute mile” plan to shame. I am sorry I didn’t get to see you after the race and meet the remarkable Liz!

    • Well, we both started out thinking we would run slower than we actually did. Your comment about running 9-minute miles still makes me chuckle. 🙂

      I’m sorry we didn’t see you, too! I think the reason for the missed connection was that I ended up doing that cool-down. Or maybe we were just on opposite sides of that raucous beer garden?

  2. Okay, where to start…congratulations on your race, and I’m so glad you were able to meet up with so many fun ladies, especially Marilyn! Y’all are becoming the dynamic duo and I love it! I really like this song, so thank you for posting it; adding it to my list right now. I seem to like all of the songs you post, so keep up the good work please; 26.2 miles is a lot of songs. Oh, and that sandwich looks amazeballs – gah! Please use this picture as your image every time you link up now; it makes me smile so brightly. 🙂 Love those two! Wish we could bring them back, but they’re too big time now. Sounds like a great weekend, Molly! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up again this week!

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