Weekend Update: Tacoma is for Lovers, Craft Cocktails, Friends, & Destructive Cats

Goodness gracious, where did the weekend go? It’s Monday already but at least it’s a short week with the upcoming holiday. I need a long weekend!


Once again I’m joining Tara’s Weekend Update Link-Up on her fabulous running/reading/loving-life blog, Running ‘N’ Reading. Please read her blog and consider joining the link-up!

The weekend started out fabulously with a quick happy hour at Hilltop Kitchen, my favorite place to have a craft cocktail and also one of “Seattle’s” best newish bars (even though it’s in Tacoma). Photo Nov 21, 6 10 18 PMI enjoyed an “It’s a Totally Happening Life” –basically an artisanal White Russian, which was the perfect drink for a blustery and wet evening in the late fall.

While the complicated and carefully-made drinks are no joke, the folks at HK do have a sense of humor. The names of the drinks for Fall and Winter 2014-2015 are inspired by “Beverly Hills 90201.” The drink I had on Friday was the Season 3’s Christmas episode title. The Spring and Summer 2014 menu had drinks inspired by “Full House.” The names are ironic, of course. Nothing at HK is that cheesy.

Photo Nov 23, 1 34 11 PM

After running on Saturday morning, I attended Tacoma Is For Lovers, a craft fair at an independent bookstore, King’s Books, featuring local handcrafted wares. The goods were varied and ranged from letterpress posters to scarves to spice blends to jewelry to candles to pottery.Photo Nov 23, 1 44 28 PM

I went there to buy gifts and succeeded, although I’m not going to post them here because I don’t want their recipients to find out what I purchased. Not surprisingly, I managed to do a bit of self-shopping, which I always do at Christmastime and which always makes me feel guilty. Oops.Photo Nov 23, 1 26 48 PM I do love this t-shirt, though–not just for the sentiment but because the fabric is as soft as buttah.

I also swung by the public library to return some books and pick up some titles for my daughter, who’s exceedingly picky about what she’s willing to read.Photo Nov 22, 4 39 42 PM It’s difficult for me to understand her disinterest in reading varied genres of books; she prefers realistic fiction about girls, and it can’t be historical fiction. That’s tough to work around, but I met the new children’s librarian who was clever and energetic and had some great suggestions.

Saturday night, my friend Kate hosted a lovely dinner party and invited me, Heidi, Laurie (a hilarious Pilates instructor), and our running coach, Kris. Kate made a delicious gnocchi with butternut squash and kale, and was a terrific hostess. We laughed a lot and our lively conversation ranged from running to relationships. It was such a fun time! I was very good and had only one glass of white wine (okay, it was a large glass–but it was Saturday night) because I planned to run 8 miles the following morning.

Spoiler Alert: I didn’t run 8 miles. Not because of the wine, but because of the weather. Details to follow, so stay tuned.

I woke up on the wrong side of the morning on Sunday. (Incidentally, this also has nothing to do with why I didn’t run 8 miles that day.) Why?Photo Nov 23, 7 22 04 PM

My cat ate my headphones again.

As I said earlier this year when she previously ate my headphones: It’s a good thing she’s cute.

I’ve given up on buying expensive headphones, so I’m not replacing my Skullcandy Fixes with another pair. I can’t justify buying another pair of $30 earbuds when I live with a cat who has an appetite for headphone cords. Instead, I bought some inexpensive but highly rated Panasonic earbuds on Amazon. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

As with last Sunday, and the Sunday before that (and the Sunday before that, and…), we spent the afternoon rehearsing for the Nutcracker. Photo Nov 23, 1 52 58 PMWe have only one more in-studio rehearsal before we start rehearsing in the theater. I cannot believe how quickly this rehearsal-cycle has progressed.

So that’s it, my weekend in a nutshell.

Did you get to spend time with friends this past weekend? Have you ever had a craft cocktail? Do you use your public library or prefer to buy books? Has your pet ever eaten your headphones?

11 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Tacoma is for Lovers, Craft Cocktails, Friends, & Destructive Cats

  1. Tricia Johnson says:

    Hey there! It’s so nice to meet a fellow Tacoma blogger! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I completely understand why you didn’t run on Sunday. The weather was insane! I went to the Greenlake Gobble and practically drown!

    • And thank YOU for stopping by mine!

      The weather lately has been crummy, especially after being spoiled by the dry weather we enjoyed for so long. I turned into a wimp!

      Are you running either of Tacoma’s turkey trots this Thursday?

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Your cat clearly didn’t want you to run, so you made the right choice.

    I took one look outside on Sunday morning and got back in bed. It was so gross! I justified it by thinking now is the time that I can make Blerch-y choices because once Eugene training picks up, I won’t have that option!

    • My cat has a problem! I bet Chopper doesn’t chew your headphones.

      The Blerch and I are practically roommates right now. All that will change in late December when I start training for Eugene. Which reminds me: We need to come up with a name for our 2015 Eugene Marathon takeover!

  3. Yay! So happy to “see” you today, Molly! Okay, I totally got a kick out of the drink names at Hilltop Kitchen – hilarious! I definitely need to come visit. I can’t believe you lost ANOTHER pair of earbuds! GAH! Stupid cat. Well, she knows what she likes! I’m glad to hear that the librarian was helpful to you; I love the library. I do get a lot of electronic books for reviews, which I like because I LOOOVE my Kindle, but my local library also loans e-books which is really nice. I like to just go in and sit at the library, though; it’s a cool hangout for book nerds, like me. It sounds like lots of folks had weather issues on Sunday – blech. I ran for an hour in the rain, but it never got worse than that. If I don’t “see” you again before, I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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