Weekend Update: Thanksgiving, a Celebrity Run-In, & 2 Races

Wow! What a weekend. Even those I’m writing only about 10% of what happened, this post is still on par with The Odyssey (lengthwise—not quality-wise. I mean—hello).  Weekend Update

Once again, I’m linking up with Tara at Reading ‘n’ Running. Please check out her blog and see what she’s been up to!

So, here’s the quick and dirty, as best as I can do it:

Well, Thursday was Thanksgiving, of course. What fun! We started the morning with our annual tradition, the Tacoma City Turkey Trot. I placed in my age group in the 5K and my son led the 1K for about 3 seconds (he needs to learn how to pace himself).Photo Nov 28, 9 38 45 PMPhoto Nov 27, 10 48 30 AM

More important than running the race, though, was meeting up with friends at the race. In addition to Aimee and her family, I was able to spend time with several other friends, including my coach, Kris (who kicked ass and won 1st in our division), and my best friend and her brother, who just randomly ended up being in the neighborhood.Photo Nov 27, 9 52 34 AM

After the race, we went to another annual Thanksgiving tradition, a flag football game organized by our friends J and K. While my husband and son played (it was too muddy for me), I decided to properly kick the party off by opening a magnum of Veuve Cliquot! I also ate enough of my friend B’s chili-cheese dip to more than make up for whatever calorie-deficit I had from that morning’s race.Photo Nov 28, 9 06 50 AM

After Mudbowl 2014, we went to my sister-in-law’s house for a wonderful dinner with our extended family.  And then after that we rolled ourselves home and watched “The Christmas Story.” I mean, what could be more perfect?

The day after Thanksgiving, we took the kids to Seattle and saw the Seattle Children’s Theatre’s production of “Dick Whittington and His Cat,” a musical based on a traditional English folktale. I love SCT and we are season-ticket-holders, but this musical wasn’t as grand as their previous holiday productions. Listen to me—first world problems, amirite?

After the play, we checked into our hotel, the Hyatt Olive 8, where I noticed multiple good looking and physically fit young men wandering around the lobby. Strange. As we waited for the elevator to our room, my husband told us that this group was the LA Galaxy, the MLS team, which was apparently in town to play the Seattle Sounders that Sunday. We ended up taking a packed elevator with about 5 players and a coach. One of the players was Landon Donovan, who I didn’t recognize as he was enshrouded by a hoodie and—well, I don’t know very much about soccer. He was very friendly, though, and initiated small talk with us in the elevator. My son was too star-struck to ask for a picture but said “Have a good game!” when Landon got off the elevator at his floor. It was very cute.

Photo Nov 28, 7 09 13 PMLater on we met up with friends E and J and their daughters for a kitschy-yet-delicious dinner at Benihana. E and I couldn’t resist ordering the Benihana punch just to get the souvenir Buddha glasses.  Classy.

After dinner, we strolled over to the Sheraton where the massive and detailed gingerbread houses were on display at the Gingerbread Village. These feats of design and confection-engineering are created by local architectural firms and are put on display to fundraise for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). This year’s theme was “Jingle All the Way” (all of the houses were inspired by holiday songs).Photo Nov 28, 8 51 42 PMMy favorite was the “Mele Kelikimaka” entry, partially because that’s one of my favorite Christmas songs, but mainly because the tropical island/sea tortoise “house” looked like an LSD fever dream.Photo Nov 28, 8 50 29 PM

The following day, my husband and kids drove home and I stayed in Seattle to do some Christmas shopping and go to the Seattle Marathon expo.  After that, we hurried off for drinks with my best friend, T, and friend C, at Il Bistro at Pike Place Market. Photo Nov 29, 6 26 14 PMAimee and I had a delicious and fast dinner following that at Japonessa (Japanese and Mexican fusion—who knew?) and then raced up to Benaroya Hall to see Brandi Carlile with the Seattle Symphony. Photo Nov 29, 7 49 14 PMIt was an incredibly gorgeous performance. She sang two sounds without any amplification, which was amazing. The last song was an a capella, unamplified rendition of “O Holy Night” with all of the lights off in the house. It was breathtaking.

On Sunday, I ran the Seattle Half-Marathon, which was bitterly cold. Aimee and I decided to run the entire 13.1 after all but stayed true to our plan to run at a conversational pace. After running for nearly 2 hours in 25-27 degree temps, we decided it was a good idea to stay outside a little bit longer in order to take a photo with a giant cup of tea.Photo Nov 30, 12 37 11 PM

After we cleaned up post-race, we had a delicious brunch at Liam’s in University Village. I had the pulled pork hash, which was good, but Aimee was the meal-winner with the Croque Madame made with Beecher’s cheese. I die. It was so good. I almost shoved her away from the table so I could have the whole thing to myself.  After I stopped eating off of Aimee’s plate, we did a little more Christmas shopping at U Village.

Finally it was time to go home, which I was excited for in order to see my family, but also kind of dreading because I didn’t know what I was going home to. You see, my husband informed me on Sunday morning that my son somehow found the handheld mace I use (sometimes) for running, and discharged it in our upstairs bathroom. Oh my God. Fortunately, everyone was okay (save some coughing on the kids’ part, and eye-burning on my husband’s part), but the bathroom was contaminated. When I arrived home, the bathroom was pretty much clean with only a slight odor of spice. Disaster averted. Not the best way to end the weekend, but it could have been worse.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you run any races? What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Thanksgiving, a Celebrity Run-In, & 2 Races

  1. I LOVE the Benihana Buddha glasses! We’re making those classy, Molly, I don’t care what you say. I’m so jealous that you ran in two races this weekend, and I’m glad you stuck to your plan and didn’t do too much during the half marathon; love that pic with the giant tea cup – I’m drinking Bigelow tea right now! I would love to go to the Gingerbread Village; that looks so cool! Sounds like y’all had an amazing weekend; hopefully the quick-draw mace kid has learned his lesson. 😉 Thanks for linking up again this week; I always look forward to your posts.

  2. Tricia Johnson says:

    That sounds like quite the eventful weekend! I heard the Seattle Marathon was insanely cold. My friend ran it wearing two pairs of pants the entire way! Sounds way too cold for my blood! I was going to check out the gingerbread houses this weekend but didn’t make it. I always try to go so it’s definitely on the agenda for this month!

      • Tricia Johnson says:

        That makes me cold just thinking about it! I’ll definitely let you know which one is my favorite when I make it there. I skipped over your pics of the houses so I didn’t get a sneak peek! Didn’t want to ruin the suprise!

  3. When we were in Portland a few years ago, the Chicago Fire MLS team was staying in our hotel. They were some nice looking gentlemen!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend. Congrats on your races and getting that magnum of champagne open!

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