Weekend Update: Peter Pan to Pilates

Happy Monday, friends!

Did you have a good weekend? I did, and I can’t wait to share the highlights (and lowlights) with you. I am again linking up with Tara at Running ‘n’ Reading for her Weekend Update. Weekend UpdatePlease check out her blog and see what she’s been up to!

The weekend kicked off with the decision to watch NBC’s “Peter Pan Live.” Friday night is usually a big night in our household because we watch a movie together. Quality family time, guys! No partying for this gal.  Anyway, we decided to see what all the hype was about and so we pulled it up on On Demand. The kids were bored only 10-or-so minutes into it, and then this happened:

Yiiiikes! I love a good musical, but this was awkward.  We ended up watching “Gravity” instead. Totally different vibe, and so good.

Saturday morning I went for a short easy run with Aimee. It was early and dark because she had a kids’ sporting event to attend and I had my first Pilates class (!) to attend at 8 o’clock. So exciting! Earlier this year, I purchased/won a package of private Pilates sessions and group yoga classes at Navi Pilates at an auction.  It was a great deal that I couldn’t pass up.

Photo Dec 06, 8 03 44 AMMy first session took about an hour and 10 minutes, but apparently subsequent sessions last 55 minutes, each. The first 5 minutes were spent filling out paperwork about any physical issues I might have (my hips and left leg) as well as the kind of exercises I do (um, running).  The next 10 to 15 minutes were spent on that table in the above picture, working on different common positions for Pilates, such as “neutral pelvis” and “tabletop.” If you’ve never done Pilates, you probably don’t know what those mean, as I didn’t until my instructor showed me. There was a lot to think about during this phase. Every move and position in Pilates is so deliberate and intentional; there was a lot to take in.

We then moved on to the next room, where I laid on a table with moving parts (I think it’s called a Reformer, but I’m not sure), where I spent about 45 minutes doing lower body, upper body, and core work. It didn’t seem all that physically tough when I was doing it (ha! More on that later), although my brain was working overtime trying to keep my body in the correct positions. After that, I moved to the floor and did some really focused clamshells to work my glute medius. I ended up experiencing some pretty sharp pain in my left hip during the last 2 reps, probably because my hips aren’t used to being forced into a stacked position when I do clamshells at home as part of my Myrtl routine.

I felt great the rest of the day, taking it easy and reading my current book, The Good Lord Bird by James McBride, for hours. Later that night, though, I started experiencing significant soreness on the side of my left hip, where I had experienced the sharp pain during my Pilates session. Uh-oh. I almost canceled my planned Sunday run with my coach, Kris, who didn’t want me to push it. We decided I would sleep on it and see how it felt the following morning.

Fortunately, I woke up Sunday morning without that same pain. Kris, who’s a Pilates instructor herself, told me I shouldn’t feel any sharp pain like that during a session, and–should it happen again–to stop and tell my instructor. I should have done that on Saturday but I was so intent on being tough that I didn’t want to look like I was having a problem. Lesson learned. Hubris gets me nowhere!

Kris and I went for our run, a planned 7-miler per my schedule, on Five Mile Drive at Pt. Defiance Park. Writing my 5 Favorite Places in Tacoma last week inspired me to run there on Sunday.

Photo Dec 07, 9 31 19 AM

It was beautiful–no rain, and the sun was out for the majority of the run! We ran 5 in the park and then finished up by running down to the waterfront and back, and were able to enjoy seeing some seals frolicking off-shore. I felt really good during the run despite my hip problem the night before, and I think we ran about an average 9:00/mile pace. (I forgot my Garmin, of course. I’m so not in the training mindset yet.)

The rest of Sunday was a flurry of activity, with shopping to be done for my dad’s birthday dinner that night, and Nutcracker rehearsal to attend. We ended the weekend with my dad’s dinner, which we celebrated with a chocolate pudding cake made by my aspiring baker of a daughter. Photo Dec 07, 6 39 12 PMA good weekend, all-in-all.

How was your weekend? What was the highlight?


22 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Peter Pan to Pilates

    • Jen, I just read your race recap and I totally agree with you. Holy negative split, Batman! You ran a fantastic race. Way to go!

      Speaking of lists, St. Jude’s is on my list. Not only because of the charity element to the race, but I have family in Memphis, so running it would be extra special. Again–great job!

  1. Um, so glad I’m not the only one who thought the Peter Pan deal was just a little off…I couldn’t watch it, either. I went to a few Pilates classes when a studio here first opened; it was fine, but I enjoy yoga more for the money. I have some great Pilates/barre-style videos that I try to do now and then; I run, mostly. Ha! I’m definitely glad that the pain was gone by Sunday morning and that there were no residual effects; I used to push myself in yoga to the point that I would be very sore the next day or days. Kris makes a very good point and I have to remind myself that I don’t have to be a superstar student in class. You know I’m going to have to look up this book now… 🙂
    Thanks for linking up again this week and I hope you’re having a pleasant Monday!

    • And thank you for hosting, Tara!

      I talked to a friend about Pilates and she told me she didn’t get much out of it, either. She was going to mat classes, though, and I think a lot of Pilates is having that one-on-one attention. My instructor was literally standing over me the entire time, watching my form and putting her hands on me at times to make corrections. It was really effective in waking up some little muscles I can’t remember ever feeling (including some under my arms, and a specific portion of my hamstrings). The thing that stinks about solo Pilates sessions is that they’re so expensive! I won’t be able to afford to keep going for them once my trial is over, so we’ll see how well I keep up my form in the group classes.

  2. Sounds like you had a good weekend! I am meeting Kris for lunch next week to talk coaching/training – maybe I can come down and run with you two cool kids someday?!

    • We would love that! Sometime soon, I hope! You can run through Pt. Defiance with us.

      And just a heads up that Kris and I are talking about organizing some group long runs for people who are training for Eugene. More info on that later…

  3. I DVRd the Peter Pan musical… wanted to read the reviews first! Looks like there is no rush to view it. Sorry to hear about your hip during the Pilates class. I’ve been meaning to try a reformer class, but havent gone. Your running trail looks beautiful and the bread pudding looks absolutely delicious.

  4. I used to take pilates classes like that, and I really miss it! I remember not feeling like anything was super tough, but then all of a sudden my body was getting toned and sculpted like never before. And I keep meaning to do those Myrtl exercises, especially with training starting soon.

    • I didn’t feel anything (other than that sharp, abnormal hip pain) when I was taking the class but I definitely felt it later. I remember talking to an avid runner several years ago who told me that it was Pilates that completely changed her shape. Interesting. I would love to have the lithe body of a dancer, but we’ll see. I’m not expecting miracles.

  5. Tricia Johnson says:

    WOW! Sounds like a really action packed weekend! I’m going to have to check out that Pilates class. Did you like it? Also, are you dancing in the Nutcracker?!?! That’s soooo cool!

    • Yes–I did like the Pilates session. I really like the one-on-one aspect (as well as the equipment), but I’m not sure whether I’ll enjoy the group mat classes as much.

      I am “dancing” in the Nutcracker. I’m a party guest and do some dancing, but I wouldn’t call it ballet. 🙂

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