Workout Wednesday

It’s that time again, kids! It’s…

Photo Nov 26, 12 02 09 PMSo here are my workouts from the past week:

Thursday, 12/4: Ran an easy 5.85 in the cold, dank, darkness that is morning in the Pacific Northwest.

Friday, 12/5: Rest.

Saturday, 12/6: Ran 3.6 miles + 1 hours of Pilates.

I ran with Aimee in the early morning, which is unusual for a weekend. My energy level was surprisingly decent even though I slept only 5.5 hours the previous night. After running, I went to my first private Pilates session at Navi Pilates and it kinda’ kicked my ass.  Here I come, sculpted abs!

Sunday, 12/7: Ran 7 miles with Kris.

Kris and I ran through 5 Mile Drive at Pt. Defiance Park and the hills didn’t seem that bad. Maybe I’m a convert and can actually start saying I like hills? That may be going too far. At any rate, the weather was great (sunny and dry) and the miles flew by. After the first 5 miles in the park, we ran down to Ruston Way, around the  Pt. Ruston development, and back in order to make it a full 7-miler.

Our pace was pretty good at 9:00/mile average, which makes me extremely hopeful for running my next marathon at an 8:20/mile average pace.

Monday, 12/8: Rest.

Tuesday, 12/9: Ran 4.75 easy but energetic miles with Aimee.

Okay, I do think that hills are becoming easier for me. We ran the hills near my home and they didn’t seem as challenging as usual. This makes me happy.

Another thing to mention about this otherwise-unspectacular run: I slept about 7 hours the night before. That may not sound like much, but that’s great for me. I’m trying to work up to sleeping at least 8 hours per night, so this is progress.

Wednesday, 12/10: Rest (much-needed, considering the Christmas party I attended on Tuesday night).  And my second Pilates session happens tonight!

Total Mileage for the Week of 12/4-12/10/2014: 21.2 miles.

This week was much less active than the week prior. No races, no significant mileage, but that’s okay.  The goal I’d set for myself this week was to resist increasing my mileage by more than 2 miles, and I failed that goal. Last week I ran 17.34 miles and this week I increased my mileage by nearly 4 miles. Fortunately I don’t feel any ill effects, but I need to be careful.

If I could go back and change anything else about this week, I would have slowed my pace on my Sunday long run. I think I probably ran it a little too fast at this point in my running condition. I ran at a conversational pace but it didn’t feel as easy as it should have for a long run. Something to work on.

Next week, my goals are to do at least 2 cross-training workouts, conservatively increase my mileage by no more than 10%, and get those 8 hours of sleep per night!

What was your best workout of the week?  How many hours do you sleep per night? Do you notice a difference in your running when you sleep more or fewer hours?

13 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday

  1. Jane Likes to Run says:

    I am always struggling to get enough sleep. I usually get around 7 a night on weekdays and try to catch up on the weekend. Any less than 7 for multiple days in a row and it really affects my running.

    • One problem I have with getting enough sleep is that I want to read/blog/watch HBOGo after I’ve finished putting my kids to bed, and the next thing I know it’s midnight. I need to improve my time-budgeting or just prioritize.

    • It totally makes sense that you notice better recovery when you have more sleep–there’s a connection between adequate rest and recovering from injuries. I almost want to get a Fitbit or Jawbone Up to track my sleep and hold myself accountable.

  2. i run so much better when i’ve slept (also when i haven’t been drinking coffee all day…which is sadly a common occurrence lately). i need to work on catching more zzz’s this week (although i did run 4 miles yesterday, which was my longest run in several months).

  3. Tricia Johnson says:

    My best workout this week so far was spin class yesterday but I’m also looking forward to hot yoga tomorrow night! I’ve been sleeping a ton lately like 8 or so hours a night and can definitely tell a difference in the level of effort I’m able to give when I’ve gotten enough sleep.

    Nice work with all of your runs! You go girl!

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