A Day Late and a Dollar Short

I missed Tara‘s Weekend Update link-up yesterday and I’m so disappointed! It was a hectic weekend–even crazier and busier than usual, which is saying something. I just couldn’t get it together well enough to write a blog post, so here I am, on a Tuesday, without anything to show for the weekend.

Because I’m still swamped with holiday-prep, work, and life in general, I can’t get a real blog post together, so I’m going to give you a peek of what I’ve been up to over the last several days via photos and captions. A phone-dump, if you will.

But at least I’m posting something, right? Can I get partial credit on my blogger exam?

Photo Dec 14, 1 59 43 PMMy weekend in a nutshell. Ha ha. Get it?

Photo Dec 12, 8 52 23 PMSnow: One of my favorite scenes from “The Nutcracker.”

Photo Dec 12, 9 15 56 PMMy daughter in one of her roles (she’s the one of the little girls that looks like a mushroom from “Super Mario Brothers”).

Photo Dec 14, 3 17 21 PMHydrating backstage with Nuun. And check out that cosmetics box! It takes a lot to make me look glamorous on stage.

Photo Dec 13, 5 19 46 PM

 The weekend wasn’t all about “The Nutcracker.” My son and I ran into our favorite jolly old elf at the grocery store.

Photo Dec 14, 12 17 05 PMMy daughter, gingerbread-house decorating to benefit the Children’s Museum of Tacoma. She won the “Best Decorated House” award.

Photo Dec 15, 6 30 05 PM

I went with a group to Art Studio 27 for a “sip and paint” session where one drinks wine and then tries to paints a picture.

Photo Dec 15, 6 29 23 PMMy adorable friend Angie owns it. That’s her, pouring the wine. In addition to being a skilled wine pourer, she’s a talented artists. Those are some of her paintings hanging behind her right arm and shoulder.

Photo Dec 16, 10 21 42 AMWe were tasked with painting a bird hanging out on a wintry branch.  As you can see, I was dubious about how my piece would turn out. Angie was patient and explained things well, step-by-step, but I was still anxious.

Photo Dec 15, 10 34 40 PM

In the end, my painting turned out pretty well. The bird’s head is disproportionately large (much like its creator–me), but otherwise I think I did okay! I attribute the fact that this doesn’t look like a 3-year-old’s finger painting to Angie’s teaching abilities.


So that’s what I’ve been up to, for the most part. I left out the boring stuff–like working, doing laundry, sleeping, etc.–but I don’t think you miss that.  Here’s hoping things calm down around here enough for me to compose a regular blog post this week. ‘Tis the season, right?

Have you been busy getting ready for the holidays? What are some of your tips for taking a step back from the holiday madness?






13 thoughts on “A Day Late and a Dollar Short

  1. Tricia Johnson says:

    Your painting looks amazing! Wow! You did a great job! Also, congrats to your daughter for winning the gingerbread house decorating contest! What a little rock star! She dances and decorates!

    I finally went to check out he gingerbread houses in seattle this weekend and the island themed one was by far my favorite!!!

    Hope you have a great week and hat things start to calm down for you a little soon!

    • Thanks, Tricia! You’re too kind about the painting. 🙂 Painting it was a hoot, though, once I stopped stressing out so much about making it perfect.

      I need to go read your blog about this past weekend. The island one is great, right? Kind of insane, but great!

  2. Molly, we have similar thing around here called PaintNite; I was very skeptical about my skills, especially with wine thrown in to the mix! I had a great time and my painting wasn’t so bad, either; yours looks really good, I think! I know you’ve been really busy; thanks for sharing these pics! Hope things are going well with the production!

    • Thank you! I was very critical of my painting the night of, but the next morning (true to our teacher’s word) the picture looked a lot better to me. The rest of my group had the same reaction. 🙂 I will definitely do it again.

      Things are a bit less busy this week. No ballet on the weekdays, thank God. And the performance is going well–we had a great write-up in our local newspaper. Thank you for asking!

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