I’m on Team Nuun!

Squeeeee! Yesterday was a great day for me. In addition to learning about the renewed diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba (I’ve always wanted to travel to Cuba, and now it looks like that may actually occur)  and snagging 4th row tickets to the sold-out Brandi Carlile concert in Seattle next February, there was a very special email waiting for me in my in-box:nuun email

Yahoooooooo! I shrieked with excitement when I saw the email’s subject line even though I was in a totally inappropriate place to be reading emails on my phone. Oops.

Anyway, I am beyond excited to race for Team Nuun in 2015. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I’ve had a pretty serious love affair with Nuun (especially Watermelon and Cherry Limeade).

Even my kids love it!

Even my kids love it!

I drink Nuun not only when running but also when I’m dancing, so being affiliated with it is a natural fit for me. I’m thrilled the peeps at Nuun selected me to be on their competitive athletic team–especially when that team includes some seriously kick-ass runners like Salt and Nikki.  (I guess this means I really need to qualify for Boston again!)

I am also excited that one of my best blogger friends, Tara, and my good friend IRL, Mardi, have been selected as Nuunbassadors for 2015. Great news all around!

The adventure is just beginning, y’all!

22 thoughts on “I’m on Team Nuun!

  1. Tricia Johnson says:

    CONGRATS!!! I got an email yesterday saying that I was accepted to their ambassadorship program also! 🙂 Did you apply to be on Team Nuun separately from the ambassadorship program or was that part of the ambassadorship application? This is my first time being a part of this so I’m still trying to figure out how the whole thing works!

    • Congratulations, Tricia! That’s awesome!!

      I think there was only one application. I applied to be an ambassador and was picked to be on the team. I’m not entirely clear on the difference between the two. 🙂

      • Tricia Johnson says:

        Thanks so much! That’s really cool that we both made it in one form or another! Can’t wait to hear all about your runs with the team!!! 🙂

  2. Martha B says:

    Yay! I know how much you love Nuun, so this is an excellent program for you! Congrats! I think one of your missions should be to bring nuun to Costcos in western Pennsylvania. Just sayin 🙂

  3. Yay! I’m so excited for you, Molly! You are definitely a Nuun-lover, and you deserve this! Can you believe the news about Cuba? Crazy, right? I visited once, for a very short period…shhhh. It was cool because it was like stepping back in time; not sure how quickly things will change with this new development, but you should still go. The food…ahhhh. Hope you’re having a good day!

    • And I’m so excited for you, Tara! It’s going to be a fun year.

      I’m so envious you had the opportunity to visit Cuba. A friend of mine went on a cultural mission or something–whatever enabled her trip to fit within the State Dep’t’s travel exclusions. Is that what you did? Or maybe you shouldn’t answer that question. 🙂

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