Weekend Update

I don’t know about you, but my favorite Mondays are holidays. Hooray! The office is closed and I’m staying home today with my kids, D and S. Truth be told, I’m still in bed (slacker). I lurrrve federal holidays!

Once again I’m back for another installment of Weekend Update, Tara’s link-up. Please go check out her blog, Running ‘n’ Reading and consider linking up, too!

And, once again, this is another Weekend Update that doesn’t include any running. I went to a chiropractic appointment on Friday evening and asked my chiropractor when she thought I’ll be able to return to running. Her answer? At least 2 weeks. Well, okay. The longest breaks I’ve taken up to now have been about 2 weeks, and I must not have healed fully during those because the cycle of injury continued. I can live with 2 weeks or a little longer if it means I won’t get hurt again.

But my chiropractor also says no cardio for now unless it’s just walking. Umm…Boring. And not good news for someone who likes to eat. A lot.

Case in point: This weekend, my husband, son, and I went to dim sum and managed to order and eat enough food for a much larger family.


Did I mention I also ate movie popcorn not once but twice this weekend? (Confession: I can’t go to the movies without buying popcorn and asking for extra butter.)

So, speaking of movie popcorn, I (along with one-third of peri-menopausal American women) saw Filthy Fifty Shades of Grey” on Friday night!


Sorry for the crap photo, but I was embarrassed about taking this photo and didn’t want anyone to notice me taking it. Although, what the heck should I have been embarrassed about? THEY’RE the ones waiting to see “Fifty Shades” on opening night.

I estimate that at least half of the women in the theater either met or exceeded the Washington legal limit for driving under the influence. I honestly don’t blame anyone for that, though, because watching the movie calls for it. I think E.L. James had to have been drunk at points during the writing of the novel based on some of the lines.

A sampling of lines from the book/movie:
“If you were mine, you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week.”
“I don’t make love. I f______. Hard.”

Well, hello! I knew what I was in for when I went to the movie because I read the first book (under purely ironic auspices, of course), but hearing the dialogue in spoken form was pretty jarring. I’m used to seeing movies like “The Imitation Game,” so lines like the above took some getting used to. Even the non-sexy lines were silly.  Let’s just say I’m glad that there wasn’t a voice over of Anastasia’s thoughts and repeated mention of her “inner goddess.”

How was the movie? Considering the source material, not bad. It had several unintentional laugh-out-loud points (including the above 2 lines), the lead actors’ chemistry was better than I expected, and now I want to buy an Audi (did James get paid for all of that product-placement in the book, by the way?). I was not into Jamie Dornan, though, despite my fan-girling for him on “The Fall.” He’s too baby-faced for the Christian Grey role and he couldn’t suppress his Irish accent. And the ending was… disappointing.

On the “Showgirls” ratings system for campy movies, I give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

Valentine’s Day was this weekend, too, of course. I attended my friend E’s Galentine’s Day party for her daughters and their friends, which was predictably sweet and adorable.


This was not E’s invitation for the Galentine’s Party, the median age of the guests of which was only 9-years-old. However, I think this Galentine’s card is fricking hilarious. Source.

I then had a Valentine’s dinner with my husband and son at the Spar, a local standby for burgers and fish and chips. Oh–and I also took pictures of this Valentine’s cake my daughter and mother-in-law made:


Did you just throw up in your mouth a little bit? Because I did. That was the grossest cake I’ve ever seen or eaten. And, yes, I did have to eat a little but just to see what a cake that looks like that would taste like. And, thank God, it did not taste like the medical waste it resembles.

Bless their hearts for baking that monstrosity, though, because it provided me source material for this post, which is running short on interesting content due to my lack of running. Thank you, fugly cake! (Note: This cake will not appear on my Pinterest feed.)

How was your weekend? Did you watch any movies? Have you ever had dim sum? Did you do anything fun for Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day? Have you ever had a baking disaster?

40 thoughts on “Weekend Update

    • It was so good! We hadn’t been for a few months so we were overdue for it.

      I have had many baking disasters as well, although none of mine looked like parts of a dead animal (see above cake).

  1. Jane Likes to Run says:

    Those dumplings looked delicious! Your recap of the movie is hilarious! I read that it got pretty mixed reviews. I probably would have snickered through the whole movie. And probably more than snickered if I had drunk the required bottle of wine necessary to see the movie! I read about half of the first book. Then I had to stop because of the cheesy lines like you mentioned. I’m sure, however, that I will have to rent it when it goes to DVD just to see what the hype is all about!

  2. Ooh, dim sum! I love it! Valentine’s Day was pretty chill for me, as the hubs & I babysat for our friends instead of going out on Saturday night! I’ll be trying to check out 50 Shades of Grey sometime!

  3. Um, I read the original Fifty Shades book (I did NOT read the two after), but I don’t think I’ll see the movie. I really like Dakota what’s-her-name in the role of Anna, but I just can’t get with Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey; so not what I expected. Oh, well. You know, you totally ruined it for me with the cake. I was all, “awww, that is so sweet!” and then you had to tell us how disgusting it was – hahaha! Hilarious. I guess it really is the thought that counts! Thanks so much for linking up with the blog today and I hope you’re enjoying your day off; federal holidays really are THE BEST!

    • I agree with you that Dakota Johnson actually works as Anastasia (I like how I’m so familiar with these poorly-drawn characters that I refer to them by first name only), but that Jamie Dornan doesn’t match up well with the book’s version of Christian. He’s way too pretty and young to be Christian.

      Tara, I will save a piece of that cake for your visit to the PNW. I know that’s the extra motivation you need to make a trip up here. 🙂

  4. haha I love your feedback on 50 Shades…I read the first book and just could not get myself to care enough to read the next 2. The only way I’ll see the movie is if I am with my girl friends and with the majority of the crowd you saw it with…above the legal limit 🙂

    Enjoy your day off – I’m always jealous of the population with jobs who get to celebrate federal holidays!

    • I also had no interest to read the 2 books that followed. Really–what could happen in them? I’m pretty sure she completely changes his ways and gets him to settle down and get married. Like how relationships work in real life. Ha!

  5. Shayna says:

    Wow you had a busy weekend! I was wondering what everyone was going to say about 50 shades! I didn’t read it and don’t really need to see the movie. Although I thought Jamie Dornan was a super cutie on Once Upon A Time! I rather see Magic Mike XXL though, I don’t mind that one being cheesy!

  6. Sorry to hear that you can’t do any cardio other than walking right now. I’m also injured right now, and am not able to workout the way that I want to. Just remember that recovery takes time, and once you are recovered hopefully it won’t take long to get back to where you were!

  7. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    I have never had Dim Sum! But thanks to you, now I need to try it! I love the cake…it’s totally the thought that counts! I think I will wait until Shades comes out on video 🙂

    • You should totally try it! Just know that you might not know what you’re ordering if you go without a dim sum veteran. When in doubt, ask the ladies pushing the carts what you should order. 🙂

  8. LOL @ the “showgirls rating system”. Okay okay…I’m going to have to watch this. Probably when it comes out on DVD.

    I’m also LOL’ing at the cake because ew. I’m glad you lived to tell the tale after eating it. 🙂 (Very sweet of them to make a cake though!)

  9. Ugh I wish I had today off! All I kept seeing while at work was pictures of people drinking white wine in some scenic location or partying at Mardi Gras. I kind of want to see Fifty Shades, but I never go to movies so I doubt it’ll happen. I do make popcorn at home alllll the time, even if I’m just watching tv (especially the Bachelor).

    • You don’t get the day off? I guess people need to buy naughty Santa apparel even on federal holidays. 🙂

      The Mardi Gras pictures seriously have me envious as well. Have you been to it in NOLA? I went when I was in law school and it was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen.

  10. Oh, I am the same when it comes to going to the movies. I must have popcorn. A large popcorn. With extra butter. So good 🙂

    I kind of want to see 50 Shades but would rather see McFarland this weekend. It’s the runner in me!

  11. Love your review of the movie! I’ll see it in a few weeks with some of my girlfriends. Hoping we go to Cinetopia where they serve wine in the theater 🙂

  12. Can’t say I’ve ever had dim sum. Looks delish. I have no desire to watch Fifty Shades of Gray. I’m not a prude by any means but the movie just looks silly to me. Hope you heal soon so you can get back to running. I’ve never heard of Galetine’s Day but I like the concept.

  13. T says:

    I saw 50 Shades of the Worst Dialogue on Monday, but for the record I’m not yet peri-menopausal, Mol. 😉 And I must say, I liked Mr. Dornan as Mr. Grey….I sense a friendly debate and loud laughter on an upcoming plane ride. Good times ahead!

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