Weekend Update

Happy Monday!

Lots of pictures and few words in this week’s update. Not because my brain’s half-dead after Saturday’s Amy Schumer concert (although that certainly didn’t help), but I’m swamped. Too much to do, too little time… Agh!  IMG_5781

This week’s Weekend Update is super late and will be super short owing to my crazy-ass day. Sorry for the profanity, but there’s no other way to describe it. Today’s one of those days where you’re so busy that you can’t even make time to go to the bathroom. Seriously.

Thanks are in order to the Weekend Update Link-up hostess with the mostest, Tara. Don’t forget to visit her over at Running ‘n’ Reading,

Local paper’s coverage of the Amy Schumer concert. Note the typo.

The big event this past weekend was the Amy Schumer concert in Tacoma. The concert was such a big deal that my BFF flew up from San Francisco to attend. We both love Amy Schumer, you see. She’s our spirit animal.

In homage to Amy and the debauchery she jokes about, I didn’t exercise this weekend. At all. Not even Pilates. Oops.

I did, however, spend a lot of good time with friends.

Photo Mar 21, 8 11 49 PM

Why am I trying so hard to not look like myself? I have Madonna-neck!

Photo Mar 21, 8 43 34 PM

We’re having so much fun in our matching outfits!

We had a great time at the show. Amy Schumer was, not surprisingly, hilarious, and I was a little bit rowdy. Because if you can’t be rowdy at an Amy Schumer concert, where can you be rowdy?

Photo Mar 21, 9 47 39 PM

“Who is that old lady in the 6th row, and why is she being so rowdy?”

The concert was held at the Emerald Queen Casino, which I had never been to until Saturday night. And wow. Just… wow. I have to say that I’m not really a fan of the heavy clouds of cigarette smoke, guys. I am still coughing 2 days later.

Other fun stuff I did this weekend:

Went shopping at University Village in Seattle.

Photo Mar 21, 12 32 22 PM

You can take the boys out of Tacoma, but you can’t take Tacoma out of the boys.

Oiselle Flagship - alsoranagain

Acting like a goober outside the Oiselle flagship store at U Village.

Ate too much.

Frisko Freeze - alsoranagain

Late-night burgers always taste better at the Frisko Freeze.

xiao long bao - alsoranagain

So many soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung!

How was your weekend? Do you think Amy Schumer is funny? What was the funniest thing you heard or saw this weekend? What was the tastiest thing you ate?

18 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Ok, I have never heard of Amy Schumer! The tastiest thing I ate this weekend…..I tried out a coconut milk mint chocolate chip icecream. It was my first time with a dairy free ice cream and I loved it!

  2. T says:

    My new favorite pic of us. I look scared, and you look like…well, you nailed it, someone else. EQC will do that to a girl on her first trip there I guess. And for anyone who hasn’t see Amy Schumer…start with her “Rhyming Couplets” skit (check it on YouTube). So let’s raise a glass!

  3. I’ve never heard of Amy Schumer, I’ll have to take a look. I would act like a goober in front of the Oiselle store as well 🙂 Those soup dumplings look amazing. I guess my tastiest dish this week was the duck I had for my birthday dinner.

    • I agree with T–search for “Rhyming Couplets” as a starting point for Amy Schumer. I also think that the “Four-Handed Massage” skit is hilarious.

      I love duck!

  4. My weekend was way too fast, but I did get my workouts in. I’ve never heard of Amy Schumer so youtube is in order tonight. One of my Tuesday shows ended for the season so I need to fill that gap.

    • Good for you for squeezing in workouts on an extra-busy weekend. I feel like such a slouch!

      Amazon Prime has her series, “Inside Amy Schumer” for free, if you want to see entire episodes.

  5. Okay, reading the comments above makes me feel better…I don’t know Amy Schumer, either – GAH! I feel so left out! Oh, well; I will look her up and watch some funny stuff ASAP! I’m so glad that you had a great time and you all look fab; I love the “rebel” Molly who refuses to exercise all weekend – ha! – and then gives us “Madonna neck.” You are too cute. Okay, hope you’re having a good day and thank you so much for linking up with the blog; my week is now complete.

    • Don’t feel left out, Tara! Look for her on Amazon Prime and at the upcoming MTV awards.

      Thank you for bearing with my lazy posting tendencies! I made a deal with myself that I would write my Monday post as the weekend progressed so I wouldn’t end up feeling overwhelmed on Sunday night. That didn’t work out so well! Apparently I was too busy eating, drinking, and spending time with friends. 🙂

      • That sounds like a pretty amazing combination to me! You have to live life before you can write about it… 😉 Thanks so much for joining in; I’m living vicariously through your adventures, Molly!

  6. What a fun weekend for you guys! I think Amy Schumer is hilarious! Hmmm funniest thing I heard or saw this weekend…maybe the guy running the hot chocolate race wearing only a chocolate kiss on his head and short shorts…not even shoes! The tastiest thing I ate was definitely the dipping chocolate after the race. BTW those dumplings look so freaking good!!! Glad you had such a fun time. Makes me want to get tickets to the Improve down here. I better so see who’s playing! Have a wonderful week!!

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