5 Trips to Take before You Die

I know, I just got back from a trip, but it’s always fun to think of the next vacation. I firmly believe that it’s better to spend money on experiences rather than things, so I value traveling and try to do it as much as I can… work- and bank-account-willing, of course.

This week, the DC Trifecta (Courtney at Eat, Pray, Run DCMar at Mar on the Run, and Cynthia at You Signed up for What?!) chose “trips” as its Friday 5 Link-Up theme. In keeping with that theme, here are…

5 trips to take before you die - alsoranagain

5.  Paris

Pouting at the Louvre

Pouting at the Louvre

I went to Paris in college and then more recently with my husband, and it’s easily my favorite city in the world (so far). I love the food, the history, the culture–and even the people. (Yes, really!) I love that when I go there, people think I’m a local and ask me for directions. (Again, yes, really!) If given the opportunity, I would live there, so of course I have to go there again before I croak.

4.  Rafting on Idaho’s Salmon River

I really, really, really want to go with my family on a week-long rafting trip of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Known as the River of No Return, it’s desolate and gorgeous. Plus, this may be the only way I can get my kids to detach from their iPads.  And I love river-rafting.

rafting with alsoranagain in OR

3.  New Orleans

Jackson Square New Orleans

If I were a city, I would be New Orleans. I’m loud, complicated, and a little dangerous (in a good way!), and I’m all about food. I’ve visited it several times, plan to go several times more, and think everyone should visit it.

2.  Hong Kong

My mom is from Hong Kong, and I’ve been twice. My husband and I plan to take the kids as soon as they’re able to handle a 13+ hour trans-Pacific flight. So, in other words, not any time soon.

Hong Kong is an incredibly dense, cacophonous, and interesting city, a blend of Chinese and British influences, and everyone should go visit it at least once in their lifetimes.

dim sum

Especially if you like Cantonese food like I do.

1.  New York

yellow-cabs-in-new-yorkI can’t believe I have only 3 international places on my list, but I’m ending my list of must-sees with NYC. I’ve been fascinated by New York since I was a kid thanks to reading books like The Mixed-Up Files of Basil E. Frankweiler and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (both set in the city), and I’ve had the pleasure of visiting multiple times. Every time I go to New York I experience something new.

The last time I went, that new experience was running the New York City Marathon.

A real NY graffiti artist (ha!) spray painted my NYCM souvenir shirt at the expo. I'm such a sucker.

A real NY graffiti artist (ha!) spray painted my NYCM souvenir shirt at the expo. I’m such a sucker.

The vibrancy and constant movement of NYC really suit me. I can never get enough of the restaurants, museums, and shopping. I’ll say it, even if it’s a cliche: I love New York! And I don’t think I’m alone, because it’s a must-see for many international travelers.

What are some trips you want to take before you die? Where wouldn’t you be caught dead visiting?

47 thoughts on “5 Trips to Take before You Die

  1. natrunsfar says:

    We went white water rafting in Wyoming a few years ago and it was AWESOME! I would be all over going to the Salmon River.
    LOVE Paris and can’t wait to take my kids there…
    Definitely want to go to Hong Kong – seems like an incredible place.
    This is such a fun post!!

    • River rafting is so much fun, right? I would also love to go to Wyoming. I’ve only driven through it a few times but need to explore it. I would especially like to check out Jackson Hole.

  2. runninrocker says:

    My uncle lives in Hong Kong and says he wouldn’t live anywhere else. The way he loves it so much makes me really want to go!

    • Visit him! The times I’ve been to Hong Kong, I was visiting family. It’s definitely the kind of place that’s better if you have locals act as your guide. It can be a little overwhelming.

  3. I really enjoy visiting HK (my dad is from there)! The second time I visited I probably had dim sum everyday (and I prefer Cantonese foood too). Paris on my list too!

    • Funny story from HK: When I was a kid, we went to dim sum and I ate what I thought was a piece of peeled apple. Ha–joke was on me–because it was a huge piece of raw ginger. Blech!

  4. The first time I went to NYC, I was amazed by all the taxi. So many, but I get why. I love Paris too and would love to visit more and more. I stick out like a tourist but I’m not one of “those” tourists.

    • I wore a lot of black and gray, scarves, and black flats, and carried a purse (instead of a backpack), and I think that’s why I passed as a Parisian. That’s how I dress most of the time, though, so it wasn’t out of character for me to dress that way.

  5. Great list! I adore NYC and would love to visit Paris sometime soon! My good friend lived there for a few years right out of college, so I hope to go with her to get to hear all of her memories and see her favorite spots!

  6. I love this its far better spending money on experiences than things! I’m so going to use this on my husband when a Disney run opens, lol! Thankfully New Orleans is within driving distance for me and we go a few times a year. Really a unique city!

    • Ha! Yes, use it as you like. 🙂 I want to run one of those Disney runs someday, too, and I’ll use it on my husband when he sees how much it costs to do one. 🙂 And you are so lucky to live close to New Orleans!

  7. Paris is on my list, as is New York! I remember reading From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler as a kid and I think I need to reread that book now! I agree with you, I think Hong Kong is a definite must visit as well. I was last there in 1995 and I’m sure so much has changed since then. I hope to go back!

    • The thing that struck me about that book was that those kids ran away from home and lived in the Met. I was completely enchanted by that idea.

      And you win on the HK trip–the last time I was there was 1989. I think I just dated myself…

  8. i’d love to travel to any of those places! especially new orleans, though. i visited louisiana for a conference once, but i never got to venture out to new orleans to see all the sights. maybe next time! 🙂

  9. My list is so long. I want to visit India, Thailand, Bali, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Alaska, Greece, Portland, Seattle, Sicily, Ireland, Scotland, Madrid, Moscow, China..

    I feel pretty well traveled but there’s always somewhere else to go.

  10. Excellent list! I have only ever been to Paris and NY, but the other 3 are awesome too!

    My list is very long, starting with Italy, England, Australia, Seychelles, and Fiji. (In no particular order!)

  11. Nice list! I’m going to Paris in June and I can’t wait! I love New Orleans too. It’s such a fun city! I went white water rafting a few times in college and it was such a blast.

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