Workout Wednesday

Welcome back for another installment of Workout Wednesday!
workout wednesday - alsoranagain

Every time I see the above graphic, I start hearing Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical” in my head.

My goal for this week was to get back on track with running and working out so that I was exercising consistently. As you may recall, last week I bagged out on a few runs and workouts because of fatigue caused by my temporarily over-active social life.

Did I meet my goal? Let’s see!

Wednesday, 4/29: 1 miles warm-up run plus a 45-minute personal training session with Ruth (which included approx. 1.5 miles of running).

Ruth was gracious enough to reschedule me to Wednesday after a neck kink and fatigue caused me to miss out on my usual Monday session. She had me go through another progression workout that was absolutely killer. This is what it looked like:

  • 2 sets of “runner arms” with weights
  • Run a lap
  • Another set of “runner arms,” plus 1 set of side-plank walks with push-ups in between steps
  • Run a lap
  • Another set of “runner arms” and another set of side-plank walks, plus a set of 10 star jumps
  • Run a lap
  • “Runner arms,” side-plank walks, and another set of star jumps, plus a set of military presses with weights
  • Run a lap
  • “Runner arms,” side-plank walks, star jumps, another set of military presses with weights, plus a set of triceps tips
  • Run a lap
  • “Runner arms,” side-plank walks, star jumps, military presses, another set of triceps dips, and a set of A-raises (sit-ups on a balance ball)
  • Run a lap
  • “Runner arms,” side-plank walks, star jumps, military presses, triceps dips, and another set of A-raises, plus a set of modified burpees (ugh!)
  • Run a lap

Ruth is a task-master!

Thursday, 4/30:  4.47 mile run.

I ran with Aimee for part of the time and then solo because she had to get home. My pace wasn’t great for me (average 10:13/mi.), but I guess that’s to be expected when Ruth kicked my ass the day before.

Friday, 5/1: Rest.

Saturday, 5/2: Rest.

If not for my son’s baseball season opener, I would have attended the Tacoma City Marathon shakeout run with Bart Yasso.

yasso tweet

Sunday, 5/3: 7.8 mile run (Tacoma City Marathon relay).

I’ll post the recap soon, but for now I’ll say that I didn’t heed my own advice about not going out too fast and felt tired by Mile 3 of my leg. I ran an average 8:07/mi. pace, which is slower than I would have liked, but I think that pace is the result of running too fast in the beginning. My left heel felt a little bruised by that evening, which made me freak out that I was developing plantar fasciitis.

fun tcm relay - alsoranagain

Clearly, I had more fun spectating and cheering than actually running the race.

Monday, 5/4:  Rest.

I decided not to run Monday morning with Aimee in order to give my feet a break. Fortunately, my heel wasn’t sore anymore when I woke up, and my legs didn’t even feel like I’d raced the day prior. Unfortunately, my posterior tibialis tendon was talking to me again. It wasn’t sore, but I just noticed it was there, making me a bit nervous.

Tuesday, 5/5: .8 mile walk and run before a 45-minute ass-kicking workout session with Ruth.

Ruth mixed it up this session by eschewing the progression workout for a circuit of new exercises, including Turkish get-ups, which made my knees feel like they belonged on an 80-year-old.   It was refreshing to try new things and the session flew by. She didn’t have me run laps in between sets but had me do a few sets with the rowing machine (which was harder than running for me). I’m pretty sure she had me use the rowing machine instead of run because I told her that my PTT felt a little funny.

Total Mileage for the Week of 4/28-5/5/15: 15.3 miles.

I met the goal that I set at the end of last week and didn’t miss any workouts due to fatigue or laziness. The only workout I missed was due to my son’s game, and I absolutely don’t regret missing that run (even if it would have included Bart Yasso!).

Looking forward to next week, my goal is to stay somewhere between 13-16 miles for the week. I am running my friend Marilyn in for the last 8 miles of the Eugene Marathon (read more about her plan here), which will be a fun way to get in some of those miles!

What was your best workout this week? Have you ever run with a running celebrity? What are some of your favorite gym exercises? 

13 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday

    • Did you see any (non-running) celebs when you were in Runyon Canyon? I hear the place is crawling with them!

      And how cool that you’ve run with Shalane and Deena! Wow!!

  1. Bart looks like a bad influence. I’m sure your son appreciated having you there. Looks like a great week, and what a workout. That little voice in my head is not speaking up, so maybe I’ll skip something like that.

  2. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Sounds like a great week. I need to figure out what those runner arms are and the side wall planks…that sounds like a great workout!

  3. You had a GREAT week, Molly! Those workouts sound intense! Best workout? Hmm…probably my speed work. I’ve run alongside David Willey (Editor-in-Chief at Runner’s World) during the Runner’s World Half and saw Bart Yasso (couldn’t keep up with the group!) during the shakeout run for that race. Bart also kind of runs us in at the finish line of the Little Rock Marathon, so maybe that counts – ha! Uh, I’m not sure I have any favorite gym exercises…yikes. Hope you have a great day, Molly!

  4. What are runner arms? They sound painful!

    I once ran with Crissie Wellington, who is an Ironman champion. Does that count as a “running celeb?”

    • I don’t know if it’s the right term, but imagine what Usain Bolt does with his arms and hands when he runs. Now imagine him holding weights. It’s tough!

  5. Oh my gosh those Turkish getups look so hard. I think the best workout I had this week was a CorePower Yoga class – probably the hardest one I’ve attended and the instructor was great! Looking forward to reading about the relay!

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